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18-04-2011, 15:45
Just got aload of dark elves really cheap and im planning on making it into a good 2500 list, im used to playing dwarfs so wanted to make a close combat army with MAGIC (yay!!)

Supreme Sorceress - 285
Level 4, Scarificial Dagger (Shadow)

Sorceress - 160
Level 2, Darkstar Cloak (Dark)

Master, BSB, Hyrda Banner - 210
Cold one, Heavy Armour, Lance, Shield

40 Dark elf warriors - 295
Full Command, Shields

40 Black Arc Corsairs - 450
Full Command, Sea Serpant Standard

9 Harpies

10 Cold One Knights - 335
Full Command,Ring of Hotek

Hydra - 175
Hydra - 175

5 Shades, Extra Hand weapon - 85
5 Shades, Extra Hand weapon - 85

Assassin, Rune of Khaine, Manbane , Extra Hand Weapon - 146

Basic plan is 2 hordes middle, cold one knights 1 flank and hydras on the other, shades/harpies can harrass and deal with warmachines. Im hoping The knights will work with the help of the bsb and the ring to disrupt there magic and mainly relying on Okkam's Mindrazor to win combats in the centre. Anything that looks useless or wont work please say as nobody plays dark elves at my flgs so no experience with them thanks.

18-04-2011, 15:57
You'll get better mileage out of a Cauldron than you will out of a hydra banner BSB.

5 harpies is plenty.

Assassins are not so good in combat anymore, not being able to clear their killzone means they'll die very easily. Take rending stars and manbane instead.

18-04-2011, 18:45
Yeah i was thinking of a cauldron but its alot of points and doesnt seem to fit with my theme should i drop the assassin altogether? Is 2x5 harpies and shades enough for harrassing and warmachine hunting?

18-04-2011, 19:12
2x shades and 2x harpies is great for not just war machine hunting, but also for redirecting.

The assassin with rending stars and manbane gives you a really good way to deal with greater daemons and the like without needing to Okkams them. I'm going to start taking one more often for just this reason, especially as I'm dropping lore of shadow because it's boring.

18-04-2011, 19:28
I wont be bored with magic for a long time im quite looking forward to using my magic phase so shadows will be ok to start =).

So what to do about the hydra banner/cauldron of blood? is there any other options.

18-04-2011, 19:54
I'd drop the master and instead take a Cauldron BSB. Other options are a BSB on a dark peg with soul render or sword of might, dragonhelm and dawnstone. Use him to hunt ethereals or hold up blocks, if he has soul render then he becomes an excellent can opener.

In any case, a Cauldron is pretty much a 1+ in any decent dark elf army, whether it's your BSB or not.

19-04-2011, 22:23
try out the master bsb and make your own choice about which bsb to use. Personally ive found the master survives more and makes a half decent unit of knights awesome. The problem i have with the cauldron bsb is that when ur bsb is on it the opponent with throw tons of dice at one dwellers or some spell like that that insta kills it and then you lose both your cauldron and ur bsb. Another thing is that far less players use lore of metal which has the main spells that kill knights and a master bsb.

05-05-2011, 11:25
The assassin can still be useful to add additional attacks or kill a character, they're not totally useless in combat, but you have to see them as a tactical expendable character you can kill off a wizard pretty easily. Been working on a new Dark Elf list got both the Hydra banner and the cauldron in 2250 pts to boost troops and the durability of the army. Using a similar tactic in that I've got 2 Hydras and 2 combat units, see what you think: Dreadlord + PoK + AoD + Crimson Death, Supreme sorceress lv 4 lore of metal, Master BSB + hydra banner + HA + Shield 30 Corsairs + commnad + sea serpent standard, Assassin, 20 Black Guard + command + standard of Hag Graef, 2x10 repeater crossbowmen + shields, 2 Hydra, Caudron of Blood. The idea being to boost the combat abilities of the troops, the BSB goes with the black guard, so in 2 ranks against hords, they're still stubborn and deal 41 St4 attacks in the first round of combat. Lore of metal should protect against Steam Tanks etc and heavily armored troops, though artillery will always be a problem.

05-05-2011, 11:37
Its not a bad list so why don't you just try it out and decide what you liked and didn't like.
Dual Hydra is pure gouda though :p