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18-04-2011, 18:26
Enemy Turn 1: the enemy casts transformation of Kadon
My turn 1: I fail to dispel transformation of Kadon
Enemy turn 1: He holds onto his power dice, I dispel transformation of Kadon.... here it comes...

A. Enemy is able to immediately recast transformation of Kadon
B. Enemy must wait until his next turn to cast transformation of Kadon

18-04-2011, 18:27
To dispel an enemy remains in play spell after it has been cast, you must attempt to do so in subsequent turns. This means no dispelling RiP spells at their base casting cost the turn they are cast.

Just in case you meant 'Enemy turn 2:', then yes if you dispel ToK while he hasn't cast it yet on his turn then he can absolutely cast it again.

I do this to enemies that bring ToV just to make them burn up some power dice casting it again so they don't use Dwellers :P

you know they are too scared to try and IF dwellers without the throne hehe

18-04-2011, 18:32
Meant enemy turn 2. In that case, my opponent just got a little bit more powerful....crap.

18-04-2011, 20:06
There is nothing stopping the Wizard from casting a Remains in Play spell again in a later turn, even if it was dispelled that same turn.

Well, apart from the quirky phrasing on p.36: "The Wizard can continue to cast other spells (but not the same remains in play spell in subsequent turns) as he requires only a little concentration to keep a remains in play spell going." Most would assume that this applies _while the spell is in play_ though this isn't stated in any way. RAW? You can succesfully cast a remains in play spell once per battle...