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Marshal Augustine
18-04-2011, 23:58
Played a game on sunday, dang you Karl Franz! 4 Great cannon and about 40 White wolf deathbus later... = defeat for the TK. Although I did learn a lot:
- WS 5 skellies are fantastic... but as soon as the supporting character dies, they are horrible again...
- Too much magic, to little power dice(lv 4, lv 2, and 3 bound spells...) even with the casquet on the table I wished I had more dice. Used to not having to rely on power dice, and may I say that the winds of magic sure are fickle? Hehe.
- Killing power-- need something to do damage. And have to remember the spells... augments are -not- remain in play... grr.

So on to V2 of the list.

Tomb Kings 2200

Tomb King - Destroyer of Eternities - Mag Wep 263
General Shield - Mundane
DragonHelm - Mag Armour

High Liche Priest Level 4 - Upgrade 260
Hierophant Cloak of the Dunes - Enchanted Item

Liche Priest Level 2 - Upgrade 130
Lore of Death Dispel Scroll - Arcane

Tomb Prince Hand Weapon - Mundane 152
Shield - Mundane
Glittering Scales Armour - Mag Armour
Dragon Bane Gem - Talisman
Potion of Toughness - Enchanted Item

50 Skeleton Warriors Full Command 230

15 Bowmen 90 Musician 100

15 Bowmen 90 Musician 100

3 Chariots 165

5 Light Horse Bows 70

3 Ushabti 150

25 Tomb Guard Full Command 355
Banner of the Undying Legion

Screaming Skull Catapult 90

Casquet of Souls 135

The prince that runs with the skelly horde should live longer. The lv 2 lore of death will hopefully be useful at providing some more dice in a pinch and if I am lucky a purple sun :D. The king is there to kill things... plain and simple. The supporting units are there to harass, and the casquet can stay out of los and range and blast stuff. The catapult is there as anti hydra support... or hellpit or stank. The ushabti are good against cav. Anyway. Looking for test games... any takers?

As for options with the list... would it be worth dropping some archers to increase the size of the Tomb Guard? A goot righteus smiting could double the number of archers in a pinch... but I would then not be too reliant on them for damage.


19-04-2011, 00:18
Your most important model will be flying around with no protection, 1 cannon ball away from certain doom. You should probably reconsider the Cloak of the Dunes and invest in a ward save.

19-04-2011, 09:38
I agree... too risky! I HATE EMPIRE!!!!! :mad:

Marshal Augustine
19-04-2011, 10:55
Well, in a bunker... 2+ save... then if he has to eject he still gets a 4+ LOS from units nearby.

19-04-2011, 12:36
Then what's the points of taking the Cloak of Dunes if he is always going to be staying within 3" of a friendly unit? The point of the cloak is mobility and pooing on people, neither of which can be done by staying within arms reach.

Marshal Augustine
19-04-2011, 13:03
the point of the cloak is to eject from the bunker when the unit is under threat... and hope to survive by evasion.

19-04-2011, 19:26
'Hoping' to survive with your Hierophant isn't going to do you much good, he should be geared to survive. Any army with shooting can easily kill him. And if the bunker is going to get charged, he doesn't need to fly 10" to get out of it.

Marshal Augustine
19-04-2011, 21:39
True... he could get out of the unit, but flying is always a bonus and gives me the opportunity to relocate to even positions out of LOS that I have planned out ahead of time during deployment...

All I am saying is that it has worked so far. If I did go for a save I would prob just be endurance.

19-04-2011, 21:42
Suit yourself. Were I in Canada I'd be happy to prove my point over a game and a beer, alas I am half a world away :)

Marshal Augustine
19-04-2011, 23:16
Hehe, granted sir.

Any ideas on the rest of the list? The only thing that I have thought of is dropping the archer units for 2 10 man and adding 5 more TG + skelly