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Dante blackfur
19-04-2011, 06:59
Ok, So It came up in discussion during my league tonight and it seemed like a good idea,

x1 grayseer/Warlord with the folding Fortress
x5 PWG, w/ PWM

So you place the tower like normal in your Deployhment zone, then you deploy your PWG, in the tower, and place the PWM directly behind the tower so nothing has sight to it, then you have LoS because of the parent unit, so you could simply sit there and be able to shoot over half the board, with a small template and no AS plus stuff couldn't directly target you, (From range and you would have a 4++ ward because your withing 3" of your parent unit.

What do you think? do you think it could work?

19-04-2011, 07:26
lots of points to protect a single warmachine.....and on top of that it is a skaven warmachine....

It also prevents the Seer to take other magical items that might be more beneficial.

If you want the folding fortress I think that it should be a central part of your strategy and in that case you should fill it with something useful. Either a large unit of long range shooty things or if you are defendign a large unit of something hard to kill in close combat.

19-04-2011, 16:06
Like PeG said, a lot of points for little return.

19-04-2011, 16:35
But all they have to do is 2 wounds to the globadiers, they panic, and so does the mortar. So you have 300+ points tied up into something 10 goblin archers can take out in one shooting phase.

20-04-2011, 06:51
Make it 15 PWG, put your BSB in there, and now you might be on to something-

BTW- good luck shooting them out- you're at -3 to hit- (magic missiles or direct damage on the other hand :cries:)

I do like this tactic if a building is available I like having my PWG's occupy the building while the pwl hangs out in back-

However, I think as a bunker for your grey seer it might be fun for a laugh but very frail and doomed in a competitive environment-

20-04-2011, 15:28
Having your Ruin caster in a tower that has a central position is pretty effective in my experience. I've done this a few times with Towers of Blood. I had the tower guarded by frenzied, everything hating clanrats and the caster up top, lobbing spells into the midfield.