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19-04-2011, 09:58
just bought the lizardmen book, and i want a 2k army..however i always play armies using slann and templeguard , and it just seems very boring to just use him that way, not to mention it costs more points to have templguard than saurus..and i love saurus!

so im wandering if there are any good item combination and settups for a lone slann, or if using saurus as a bunker for him would be fine aswell?

currently thinking if he is out on his own , make him ethereal, 2+ ward and giving him the +1 dice thing.
then i just run him with life and heal up any wounds i may suffer due to 2+ ward not working?

19-04-2011, 10:16
i just had a successful game with a slann that was on his own
i took him with light, though any lore could do, and gave him ethereal along with extra dice, loremaster and cupped hands. if he is ethereal, the majority of shooting things can't hurt him, and as long as there are other, more scary things suchas large saurus blocks, it is less likely to be targeted due to the t4 w5 4+save.
while my oponent was using a light on magic list orcs and goblin list, it still rings fairly true. he is not killing much, so he is less of a target. as long as you screen him properly with skinks/saurus blocks, he should have enough time to float away from infantry charges and the like.
the only thing i can say is to avoid magical artillary, an example being the warp lightning cannon that still hurts him and can instant kill him.

19-04-2011, 10:40
Saurus bunker sucks because the slann takes the place of 4 saurus meaning your unit loses a LOT of attacks.

Templeguard unit adds a lot of good things the army lacks, but if you don't want to use it then its not necessary.

Ethereal and the 2+ ward vs flaming attacks will keep him alive against shooting, just don't let him ever see combat. Well even there it won't easily die but you can lose so badly on CR that it runs.

19-04-2011, 10:48
Saurus bunker sucks because the slann takes the place of 4 saurus meaning your unit loses a LOT of attacks.

Or, to be precise, it loses 2 attacks. Not sure I'd call that "a LOT".

4 if they're warriors with spears.

19-04-2011, 10:55
Actually you lose more then 2. If my Lizard opponent is correct he will have to go in the front rank of a saurus bunker. With temple guard he can be in the second rank.

19-04-2011, 12:26
Yep, so for perspective if your running 6 wide you go from 18 attacks down to 12...

19-04-2011, 12:39
The slann has no attacks?

19-04-2011, 13:47
The slann has no attacks?

It has one crappy one:(

I won the Dark Conquest tourney with a solo slann list.

Slann Lore of Light
Focus of Mystery
Foused Rumination
Higher State
Cupped Hands
Plaque of Protection
Standard of Discipline

Skink Priest
Dispel Scroll

Saurus Warriors with Spears x25
Standard Bearer

Skinks x10
Standard Bearer

Skinks x10
Standard Bearer

Skink Skirmishers x10

Kroxigors x6

Kroxigors x6

Kroxigors x6

Extra Handler

I know, where are the chamos and temple guard and why only one salamander and what is the deal with all those kroxigor. Is he really running ranked skinks with full command??? Yeah, I did all that

First round I matched up against a Demon list with two flamer units a unit of nurgling scouts a bloodthirster and a horder of like 40something bloodletters with skulltaker on jugg and a herald bsb on jugg. Oh yeah, he also had loremaster life Pretty nasty list overall I would say. I was lucky this was battle for the pass though and I was able to whittle away on his guys some with my shooting as they came across and just give him some throwaway units. Also, the way they did terrain made it hard for games to finish as they wanted us to reset it every game, so luckily for me this game we timed out before his horde could hit me. I would have needed good magic to take on that beast. I did get his flamers between shooting and combat as well as his nurglings and my one unit of krox was able to drop his bloodthirster thanks to W10 I10, ASF and +1 attack! I ended up getting the major victory for 16pts.

Second round I played my buddy Nicol that I came with. He is the second highests HE general in the US and will probably be number one after Adepticon results are up. He was playing a heavy shooting army that I played on Thursday night and deleted all but his BSB, so I was hoping for a repeat, but I was pretty sure I wouldn't get that lucky again. I ended up getting a major victory in this one, and might of pulled off a massacre if I would have made a couple more charges on the last turn, but I knew I was up on pts and didn't gamble on getting good winds of magic to dominate his swordmasters.

Last round I played Bretts and it was a solid gory blood fest. The roll that really got me the win was holding with my one unit of krox on a rerollable 3. I failed the first one and got the second one. The standard of discipline saved the day again. I checked and coldblooded rerollable 3 is a 35.8 percent chance, so I wasn't even super lucky I also got the combat reform off on the 3 and then got some more charges and started tearing things up with speed of battle. He also helped me out a lot in this game by sucking his mage into the warp first turn, but the irrisistable combat ended up killing 3 krox and 11 saurs when it finally hit. This was another major victory, so the three major victory pts and solid paint scores got me the best overall! Nicol tied for best painting too. I got 50 dollars worth of GW stuff so I picked up two state troop boxes.

21-04-2011, 21:51
He's near unkillable compared to any other Lvl 4. You can always try it in a game though.