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20-04-2011, 04:14
What do you guys think, in terms of semi-competitivness? Apparently, everyone thinks, where I live, that WoC simply can't be competitive in smaller pts games.
Exalted Hero, Standard Bearer, Shield, MoT, Book Of Secrets
30 Marauders, Full Command, MoT, Shields
5 war hounds
5 warhounds
5 marauder horsemen, flails
5 chaos knights, Full command

comes to 750.
If I wanted to go to 1000 I would add 3 chaos trolls and a wizard.


20-04-2011, 07:08
Solid list, but you dont have general in your army. Bsb can't be general of your army. So you have to drob bsb upgrade from it. Instead take mark for marauder horsemen or knights. Chaos knights don't need champion, standard and musician is enough, they hit hard even without the champion. Trolls and wizard is a good choice for going up to 1000 points on your list, i would take chaos warriors too, they are very tough and hard to kill and with halberdies or great weapons can hit a punch on enemy forces.