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20-04-2011, 17:16
Going for a feral theme here (how original, right?) The NG Shamans are a little out of place but I just cant bring myself to include regular goblin shamans since I really like the magic mushroom rule...my shamans are eating poisonus spiders so it should go with the theme fairly well.

The SOBB "babysitts" the trolls but can also do some damage when the opportunity arise.

Lord: 290
SO Great Shaman (Fencers Blades, Lucky Shrunken head, lvl 4) = 290

Hero: 478
Savage Orc Big Boss (Boar, Shield, Spear, Armour of Destiny) = 145 (General)

Savage Orc Big Boss (Armour of Silvered Steel, Great Weapon, BSB) = 149

Goblin Big Boss (GW, Ironcurse Icon) = 44

NG Shaman (Channeling Staff) = 65

NG Shaman (Dispel Scroll) = 75

Core: 786
38xSavage Orc Big Uns (AHW,Standard) = 428

77xGoblins (Bows, Shields, Standard, Musician) = 288

5xSpider Riders (Bows) = 70

Special: 953
18xTrolls = 630

9xSavage Orc Boar Boyz (Spear, Shields, Standard, SoD) = 223

Goblin Chariot = 50

Goblin Chariot = 50

Rare: 455
Arachnarok = 290

Doom Diver = 80

Rock Lobba = 85

21-04-2011, 07:02
No spear chukkas??

21-04-2011, 07:09
I find Chukkas to be underwhelming at best

21-04-2011, 10:49
hehe, I love your use of the term "underwhelming". Personally I'd say they're distinctly mediocre... however I still include one more for deployment shennanigans then actually killing stuff (though when they kill things it's nice).

I think considering what a large portion of the army the trolls are, you might fancy a lord level character just to bump up leadership that bit so that stupidity is even less of an issue (if they go stupid at the wrong time, things could go badly wrong).

Other than that, I like it. You've definitely gone for the "so many juicy targets, you can't shoot them all" approach, which is pretty cool.

I'm increasingly being tempted by the uber gobbo unit too. That makes even gobbos a threat...which is a strange state of affairs, and they're what I'm coming to refer to as "lofurn seegard". ie they're nicely multi functional. Personally my "lofurn seegard" unit is 50 night gobbo archers with nets, but it has much the same effect... except common gobbos are arguably better at it.

Anyway, improvements:

Maybe your general being on a boar isn't a great plan, as he might well want to be out on a flank, though I guess that depends on how you play your boar boys.

As previously mentioned, maybe get your general up to lord level for the leadership (says he, with a gobbo general...).

I'm not overly convinced by the channeling staff...though I rarely roll higher than a 1 when trying to channel anyway, so maybe that's why.

That's about it. Nice and unusual list

EDIT: hang on, where's the BSB!? You can't have an army without a BSB. Especially not an army with trolls in it. Especially not an army with that many trolls in it. You just give that orc big boss with the silvered steel a BSB right now!!!

21-04-2011, 11:17
Looks good, I only miss 2 things:
1.) A (Savage) Orc Warboss
2.) A Battle Standard Bearer

I read through the list, it looked good, but then I was like :eek::eek::eek:, how can a 3k list not include what most 1500 Lists (must) have?

21-04-2011, 11:23
Thanks for the comments. The list DO have a BSB. I just failed to note it. The SO Bigboss with Silvered STell is the BSB. The points for the BSB have already been included.

As for the ld on my general. With the Banner of Disipline he is ld 9 which should be good enough, especially since I do have the BSB ;).

Im not really sure about the general on a boar either but the unit that needs it the most is M6 so I find that they go better with M7 than M4

21-04-2011, 11:34
The only thing I would be worried about is 1 turn of focused fire on your generals unit could blow it (and him) away...

Esp given the amount of artillery a 3k Empire or Dwarf army can put out.

21-04-2011, 22:31
That's what I thought. There aren't too many other natural war machine targets there, so I'd expect to get targetted. Your big blocks make you vulnerable to that.

22-04-2011, 08:24
The idea is that the trolls screen the boar boyz at first. So the only warmachines that are a threat to them are stone throwers since any cannon will be blocked (more or less) by the trolls. I guess I could drop one chariot and the channeling staff for a second spider rider squad...