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20-04-2011, 18:50
Do I have to default to a spell when choosing spells or can I first roll on spell table and see what do I get and then default to something else if I want to?

For example my Warlock Engineer as far as I know can default to skitterleap (signature spell) and warp lightning (unit specific rules). As I wouldn't mind getting for example scorch instead of the two spells above can I first roll for a random spell and if I don't like it take skitterleap or warp lightning instead or am I stuck with the random spell?

Lord Inquisitor
20-04-2011, 19:01
Yes, you can roll the spell first and then decide if you want to switch to the default.

Although I think each Skaven wizard only gets one spell they can default to. So with warlocks it's just warp lightning. Skitterleap isn't the signature spell for them I don't think.

20-04-2011, 19:04
You can roll first. Then choose your signature spell. Where you're mistaken is the "skitterleap" reference. Skaven have 4 signature spells, but they vary according to which wizard you take:

Grey seer- Skitterleap or Dread 13 (not both)
Warlock Engineer- Warplightning
Plague Priest- Pestilence Breath.

20-04-2011, 19:30
OK, I thought for every lore the lowest cost (or 1st) spell is the signature spell. Thx for clarification :)