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30-03-2006, 14:12
I could really use some help with this list. To start with the whole idea is based on a conversion idea I had, so the tactics were initially a secondary consideration. Then, when I started actually tabbing up the list I got a niggling feeling that my fluffy, conversion-filled list was actually some serious cheese mongering. Anyway, the list is kicking my butt.

Here's the conversion - I had an idea to convert up huge frickin' centaurs out of rhinox bodies and Ogre torsos. Add some armour,spikes and trophies and presto! I was really excited about the conversion, so I started thinking "what could they count as?". I thought that they resembled rhinox cav, so maybe something that worked with similar rules - specifically I liked the thought of those huge beasties plowing into units and doing impact hits. Hey! I know, I'll count them as Chariots! Then the idea spiraled out of control into a whole barbarian themed Chaos Ogre army. Here's a basic version of the list, lemme know if you think its cool, cheese, crud whatever. Any and all suggestions welcome as nothing is set in stone. Btw all chariots in the following list would be 'big frickin centaurs'.

Wargor, Hvy, Grt wpn, Chariot 153pts

Wargor, Hvy, Grt wpn, Chariot 153pts

Wargor, Hvy, Grt wpn, Chariot 153pts

Bray Shaman, Staff, 2 scrolls, Chariot 221pts

3 Beast Chariots @ 85, 255pts

4 Chaos Ogres, Hvy, Grt wpn, Shd 188pts

4 Chaos Ogres, Hvy, Grt wpn, Shd 188pts

4 Chaos Ogres, Hvy, Grt wpn, Shd 188pts

3 Dragon Ogres, Grt wpn, Lgt 237pts (more converted centaur goodness!)

3 Dragon Ogres, Grt wpn, Lgt 237 pts

total 1973 pts, 27 Models

I have considered all sorts of additions to this list, Doombull and Minotaurs, Furies, Slaanesh Spawn, Maneaters, Giants, various marks, all sorts of stuff (except the Shaggoth, cause he sucks too much to even use). Meh, I just don't know. Thanks for reading. (I posted this on Dakka too, but they're not so much help with WFB)

30-03-2006, 14:48
Well first off you cannot give Wargors or Bray Shamans chariots.......... and for your Chaos ogres I would use the standard ogres in units of 6. I would personally take some furies along to take out a weapon crew, because a dwarf army would have a field day with this list. Personally I remember actual centuars being rather nice, besides being drunk. I would take a beastlord for the extra leadership anyday of the week, or a Minotaur Lord, by the way can you put him in a unit of Ogres? Might want to take a look at it...


30-03-2006, 15:42
No wargors in Chariots? Well i'll be, I feel silly. Onje version of the list had Khornate Chariots as special, that'd work. List looks like

Doombull MoCU,Grt wpn

5 MNinotaurs MoCU, Gtwp
4 minotaurs MoCU, GtWp
4 minotaurs MoCU gt wp
4 minotaurs, MoCU gt wp

1 Beast chariot
3 Khornate chariots

8 Furies
4 Slaanesh spawn

30-03-2006, 17:30
Only beat chariots can have Mark of Chaos undivided. So those Khonrate chariots better be mortal then.

30-03-2006, 18:08
Yup, they're mortal alright. I might even see about mortal chariots with heroes in them, but that'll have to wait until I'm home. (Funny how looking through army books at work is frowned on).