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21-04-2011, 14:34
So after getting several quality sessions with the new book, I think I've created what could be the start of a pretty decent list. Since the new characters do so much for the army, I decided to abandon my normal list building philosophy of going character light and see what I can do with a bunch of them!


King w/ great weapon, shield, armor of fortune, chariot, Death Mask of Kharnut

Liche High Priest (lvl. 4) w/ Talisman of Preservation, Enkhils Khanopi (lore of Nehekehara)


Herald BSB w/ Halberd, Shield, Razor Standard

Liche Priest (lvl. 2) w/ cloak of the dunes (lore of light)

Prince w/ Fencers Blades

Prince w/ Shield, great weapon


30 Archers w/ musician

50 Warriors w/ full command

5 Chariots, musician, standard, banner of swiftness


30 Tomb Guard w/ Halberds, Full command

Warsphinx w/ Fiery roar



Casket of Souls

Total : 2999 points

so this is either going to be really good or really bad. The casket's extra power dice will really help, and I think that I'll have enough nastiness in terms of hitting power. The sphinx will allow me to have a bit better piece of mind when it comes to the rest of my army making it across the board. Really, my biggest concern is war machines. I may try to find a way to put sepulchre stalkers back in the list to give me a little more options in that area. Thoughts?

Deff Mekz
21-04-2011, 15:05
Looks pretty good to me, but you will will be slaughtered by warmachine heavy armies. The old Tomb King adage always has been; If your scared of warmachines, then your doing it wrong. Perhaps dropping the overpriced halberds on the TG and one of your LP/Casket to free up some points for some Tomb Swarms/Stalkers would be a viable solution.

21-04-2011, 15:34
Looks good, however I'm not sure about the two Princes. The Fencer Blades guy is pointless since he can only pass his unmodified WS (WS5) to his unit, and the other guy suffers from carrying two weapons he can never use at the same time (in fact since he'll be in a unit he'll hardly ever get any use out of the shield). Furthermore they suffer both from being fragile; with no protective gear a good opponent will kill them first, reducing your units to their base WS and effectively making your 200+pt investment worthless.

21-04-2011, 16:49
Also, if you're going to take Chariots, i'd have thought they should either be in units of 3 or 6+... I don't see the point in 5 unless you're trying to prepare for when some die before reaching your opponent's lines, but you need a full rank to get the +1S bonus from Chariot Legions.

21-04-2011, 17:07
Kewl! Liking the responses.

@Deff Mekz:
Yeah, I will have a hard time with warmachines. I'll tweak it and throw in some Stalkers.

Wow...I totally didn't catch the unmodified WS bit. Kewl. At least that means I can drop that princes, which frees up another 135 points. I'll drop the shield on the second prince also, and throw some magic armor on him.

I decided on 5 so that I could throw the TK in that unit and get the rank bonus without having to spend points on an additional chariot. With the TK it comes to 6 chariots!