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21-04-2011, 14:44
After a long hiatus it's time for me to post batreps again. This time I will attempt to chronicle the adventures of My McDonald City Guard in its campaign in this year's WHFB Gladiator cup. The Glad cup is a yearly event where players in our local clubs will battle it out for the right to qualify in a knock out finals where only 1 "gladiator" will reign supreme. This year we have divided the clubs into a north and south sector, and the preliminary round involves playing 5 games in 6 gaming weeks, which is a loose schedule as many of the players all have work and thus need the flexibility to choose the best time to play.

The pointage for the glad cup is 2200 pts, and here is what I will use for the duration of the league:

ArchLector Fernando's Crusade


Archlector Fernando - Arch lector (125), Heavy armor (6), Great weapon (6), Dragonhelm (10), War altar (100) = 247 points


Lady Beatriz - lore of life wizard (65), level 2 (35), channeling staff (15) = 115
Captain Sylvester - Captain (50), battle standard (25), Armor of Meteoric iron (25), Biting blade (5) = 105 pts
Engineer shawn - Master engineer = 65 points

Total points characters 532 points 24.18%


The Nutters = 18 flagellants x 10 pts = 180 pts
Swords of sigmar = 29 swordsmen x 6 pts (174) + std (10) + musician (5) = 189 points
Detachment Bows of Sigmar = 5 archers (8) = 40 pts
Halberds of Sigmar = 30 halberdiers x 5 (150) + std (8) + musician (4) = 162 pts
Detachment = Ruffians of sigmar = 5 free company (5) = 25 pts
Spears of Sigmar = 20 spearmen x 5 (100) + Std (8) + Musician (4) = 112 pts
Detachment = Arrows of sigmar = 5 archers (8) = 40 pts

Greatsword Detachment = Rogues of Sigmar = 5 free company (5) = 25 pts

Total Core = 643 pts 29.23%
Total Detachments = 130 pts 5.91%

Guards of Sigmar = 23 Greatswords x 10 (230) + Std (12) + Musician (6) = 248 pts
Youth of Sigmar = 5 pistoliers x 18 (90) + champion (7) = 97 pts
1 Great cannon = 100 pts
2 Mortars = 75 pts each = 150 pts

Total special = 595 pts 27.05%

"Big Mac" = Steam tank = 300 pts

Total rare = 300 pts = 13.64%

Total points 2200...153 models

Anyway, I missed the first week's scenario, so my first glad cup game is the 2nd scenario.

Scenario 2: Rain of fiery death

Two hostile armies have stumbled upon each other in the wilderness and resolved to settle their differences through violence. Unfortunately, a local fire deity has been disturbed by the battle and resolves to punish the armies by making a nearby volcano erupt and rain lava rocks upon them.

The Battlefield:
The ground is a blasted, scorched wasteland. Terrain will be limited to hill and flat ground with small clumps of trees. Set up terrain as per the rulebook but no woods, buildings or any other manmade structures.

Each player will setup along the long table edge, within 12” of the edge and 9” from the short table edges. Roll a d6 to see who goes first and deploy alternately. Deployment special rules such as ambushers, scouts and vanguard are allowed in this scenario.

First turn:
After deployment, roll a d6 with the winner choosing to go first or second. No bonuses in this scenario for finishing setup first.

Game length: 6 turns

Victory conditions: Victory points as per the rulebook will be used in this scenario. The winner will be the one will the higher number of victory points.

Special rules:
Rain of fire
Get four 2”by2” strips of paper and fold them in half twice to simulate the balls of fiery rock and lava lobbed by the nearby volcano. Starting the 2nd turn, at the start of every player turn, suspend the pieces of paper 3 feet above the center of the battlefield (stand on a chair if you have to) and drop them onto the table. Every spot a “lava ball” lands in is the center of a large blast template. Any model whose base is touched by the template suffers a Str5 hit with armor saves and ward saves permitted. This can occur even on units that are in melee combat with the damage done counting toward combat resolution.

Bonus points:
+1 if one of your characters is wounded/killed by a rock.
+1 if none of your units are hit by a rock.

With lava raining down by turn 2, this should prove to be a fiery game!!!

My opponent was Kent, who is a relative newcomer to WHFB, and he brought his (mostly) night goblin army, with the following list..

LORD (9.09%)
Black Orc War Boss + Sword of Swift Slaying + Enchanted Shield + Seed of Rebirth = 200

HEROES (20.23%)
Lvl 2 Night Goblin Shaman + Dispel Scroll = 110
Lvl 2 Night Goblin Shaman = 85
Night Goblin Big Boss + Battle Standard Bearer + Bad Moon Banner = 105
Night Goblin Big Boss + Shrieking Blade = 40
Orc Big Boss + War Boar + Spear + Shield + Helm of Discord = 105

CORE (31.73%)
53 Night Goblins (Spear/Shield) + Full Command + Fanatic = 214
39 Night Goblins (Hand Weapon/Shield) + Full Command + Fanatic = 172
39 Night Goblins (Hand Weapon/Shield) + Full Command + Fanatic = 172
20 Night Goblins (Bows) + Musician = 70
20 Night Goblins (Bows) + Musician = 70

SPECIAL (16.86%)
Goblin Spear Chukka = 35
Goblin Spear Chukka = 35
Goblin Spear Chukka = 35
9 Orc Boar Boyz + Spear/Shield + Full Command + Banner of Swiftness + Big 'Uns = 266

RARE (22.05%)
Arachnarok Spider + Flinger = 320
Goblin Rock Lobber = 85
Goblin Doom Diver = 80

Total = 2199 points

We roll for spells...my lifemage gets Master of the Wood plus Flesh of Stone....his 2 mages gets the magic missile, the signature spell, the spell which makes you itchy, and the hex where you have to reroll successful 6's...I forgot which one had which...

As the terrain choices are limited, and I didnt have much, we get a scree slope and 3 earthblood mere marshes...

Our deployment

Kent gets the roll to go first, and the battle begins!!!

21-04-2011, 14:58
I like the balanced armies.

This should be a good battle :)

21-04-2011, 15:41
Go Big Mac!! :D

21-04-2011, 15:55
BTW I will apologize in advance as some of the pics were poorly focused...

O & G Turn 1

The Goblins advance in good order (no animosity!), with 2 spear chukkas moving into better position.

Kent's magic and shooting phase is VERY successful!!! He manages to reduce my Stank's movement, as well as wipe out my vanguarded pistoliers with a magic missile! To top it all off his war machines (including the flinga on the spider) are accurate and bombard my troops!

End of Orc turn 1

Empire turn 1

I advance my screens (the free company and archers) up front, with the war altar and stank in the middle. The rest of the units shuffle around. On my right I try to anticipate where that huge spider intends to go, and my flagellants go forward chanting and frothing at the largest threat on the battlefield.

Magic sees my cast flesh to stone on my left militia unit. My shooting was so so. Although I manage to kill a lot of goblins on the hill with my mortar, my great cannon hits but fails to wound the arachnok, while the Stank's cannon removes 2 wounds from the doom diver. Hmm am I to be outshot by goblins?

Positions at the start of O&G turn 2, after charges and responses have been declared.

O&G turn 2

With the excitement of closing battlelines, the goblins start to get animosity. The Black Orc Warboss bashes heads and restores order to his unit, while the NG unit on the hill has nothing within charge range, and thus decides to go down the hill.

The nearby volcano starts to spew lava, but no unit gets affected.

The boar boyz charge my free companies, and both flee, and the cavalry unit shambles forward....

1 archer unit fails his swift reform roll (despite the reroll from the BSB) and simply expands frontage. The rest of the army advances forward.

Magic has the WA's movement reduced to 1"!!! Goblin shooting is tepid this turn, although the doom diver manages to kill some greatswords....

End of O&G turn 2

Empire turn 2

The lava flows become more torrid. A particularly large molten boulder smashes down right on top of the central NG unit with the mage, and almost half gets fried to a crisp!

My free company both rally. "Big Mac" curls to the left right beside the boar boyz unit, and the greatswords move and prepare themselves against the Orc cavalry. The archers move forward and are in "bait the enemy" mode, and the flagellants try to move in anticipation of a flank charge if the arachnok takes the bait.

Magic is quite successful. The Greatswords Flesh becomes hard as stone, and the Net of Amyntok is successfully cast on the rear goblin unit with the Mage with the magic missile.

The shooting phase has the mortars having a great round. 1 decimates the goblin archer unit out of range of the Warboss and BSB, and it predictably panics. The other lands a round right in the middle of the goblin unit with the general, and a large number are slain. The cannon AGAIN fires a dud cannonball, as it fails to take the last wound away from the doom diver.

Finally, the steam gun of the Stank as well as the engineer's pistol kills 1 full rank of boar boyz, who hold.

A more successful turn 2 for the McDonald City Guard!

O&G turn 3

The volcano quiets down, and no lava spews hit anybody.

The O&G pass their animosity tests, and the boar boyz charge the greatswords. The Arachnok charges the archers, who flee, but they get caught and the giant spider ends up right in front of the empire spearmen and flagellants. Night goblin unit 3 charges the other archer unit, who flee. The unit releases a fanatic, who is less than enthusiastic and ends up just slightly in front of its parent unit.

The fleeing goblin archers decide to leg it off board, although the chukka it runs through just laughs instead of panicking and hulking behind it's machine.

The unit with the Warboss advances forward, and another fanatic is shoved far enough forward and goes right through the Stank, whose Iron hide protects it without a dent. The Netted goblin unit fails its S test and takes casualties...

Magic has the Netted unit fail both it's S tests to cast 2 spells, and continue to have goblins get sliced to shreds by the magical net of light. The spearmen unit though get's it's movement and initiative reduced to 1.

Goblin shooting is better this turn as both the swordsmen and flagellants lose models due to warmachine fire.

Hand to hand has the greatswords lose 5 models from the boar boyz, but at the end of combat only the boar boy boss is left standing, although he manages to pass his break test and end up stuck in combat.

The battlelines finally meet in combat! End of O&G turn 3

Empire turn 3

Molten lava pelts the fleeing archers, and they lose a couple of men.

The flagellants go nuts and charge the flank of the arachnok, while the spearmen decide to join in and support them. The war altar charges the NG3 unit, who flee back up the hill (we forget to roll for scree slope casualties!). The WA redirects successfully versus the NG unit with the warboss, and the Stank decides to support him and charges in too.

The archers rally, and the other units rush forward.

Magic has the AL miscast a prayer which fries some goblins, but stops him casting other spells. The lifemage also miscasts and takes a wound while killing some of her bodyguard.

Shooting has the mortars hit the other NG unit with the shaman, but the cannon completes it's crew's incompetence by misfiring and blowing up. good riddance to that crew!!! The stank uses its last steam point and cooks the goblins in the unit it charged against, as well as some goblin archers behind!

In combat, the arachnok eats several flagellants, and receives 3 wounds in return. Thunderstomp and the goblins kill both flagellants and spearmen, and the empire units lose combat, but hold!

On the other side of the field, a lot of goblins fall beneath the wheels of "Big Mac" and the Altar. The arch lector bellows a challenge and the Black Orc accepts. It then proceeds to lay Arch Lector Fernando low! The horses however fight with all their fury to protect the unconscious Priest, and refuse to back down from the challenge. The rest of the goblins (including the goblin big bosses) have no answer to the Stank, and cause no wounds whatsoever. The goblin unit holds due to the BSB's stubborn causing banner.

The last boar boy fails to hurt anything, and surprisingly so does the greatwords!!! Combat resolution has him flee, and the GS reform instead of pursuing in order to avoid running through the fanatic.

Apologies for the blurred pic!!! The end of a very eventful turn 3!!!

21-04-2011, 17:03
O & G turn 4

Lava misses everything. The NG with the shaman rallies right back on top of the hill where it started the game!!! The boar boy continues to flee.

No animosity occurs, and the goblins move to better casting and shooting positions. 1 fanatic wraps the ball and chain around its neck and throttles itself, but the other happily swirls through the swordsmen, crushing several.

Magic spells as well as the war machines pound the swordsmen, who end up much reduced in number, but still ready to fight. The doom diver impales a couple more greatswords. In combat, the arachnok turns its attention to the spearmen, and it ends up badly mauled, and they flee. The flagellants however manage to cause another wound to the spider and stay in the fight.

The BO warboss find the horses of the chariot a more formidable opponent, as it could not get past the flailing hooves, although the warboss itself was not hurt. The goblins continue to find out that jabbing pointy spears at the Steamtank is an exercise in futility, and the entire combat remains deadlocked.

End of O&G turn 4...combats grind on!!

Empire turn 4

The volcano becomes active, and lava hits the NG unit with the shaman at the base of the hill!

The spearmen rally, and deciding that the artillery battery needs to be protected, they reform and face the arachnok, angled in such a way that the monster will face away from the war machines if charged.

The other empire units move forward, with the greatswords trying to angle for a flank charge versus the warboss led NG unit. The lifemage leaves the swordsmen and joins the halberdiers who are still whole and complete.

Magic has the sorceress successfully cast flesh to stone on the war altar. In the shooting phase the mortars again prove their worth by blasting the unengaged NG spear units. The stank again scalds more goblins with its steam gun, and grinds a lot of goblins to pulp. The BO warboss has a even harder time damaging the buffed up war altar, and only the stubborn banner keeps them in the fight.

The tide starts to swing in the empire favor as the empire reserves move forward to reinforce the fight. Can the spider, goblin magic, shooting, and the volcano turn the tide??? End of empire turn 4

O&G turn 5

The volcano quiets down again.

Animosity is nonexistent, and the arachnok charges the brave spearmen. The fanatics whirl away to their hearts content, hitting no one, while the boar boy continues to flee. The goblin archer unit moves to the side to get a clear view of the greatswords, while the other NG unit moves backwards on the hill to avoid long charges from the empire forces.

Magic has 1 shaman manage to hex the greatswords, but he laters blows up in a spectacular explosion, taking out his entire unit with him! The warmachines manage to kill a few halberdiers, although the goblin archers fail miserably in shooting at the greatswords.

The NG block and warboss again does nothing, but the arachnok wipes out the spearmen, but not after receiving 1 more wound.

End of O&G turn 5

Empire turn 5

A lava flow manages to clip 1 militia unit, who turns and faces the arachnok spider, again hoping to lead it away from the mortars.

The greatswords manage to get a flank charge into the warboss's unit. The archers are able to charge up the scree slope into the shaman NG regiment. the halberdiers march to the left into a support position, while the last swordsmen and militia march towards the hill.

Flesh to stone is again cast successfully on the war altar. The mortars absolutely clobber the last NG archer unit, while the greatswords and stank reduce the warboss' unit to the point of elimination, as again the war altar and warboss find each other too tough to hurt. Stubborn again keeps the unit in the fight. Finally the empire archers and NG on the hill do not cause wounds and end up locked in combat.

End of empire turn 5

O&G turn 6

The volcano suddenly becomes more active, as a rock smashes into the empire archers on the hill, wiping them out and freeing the NG shaman to cast spells! A swordsman also dies to a lava hit.

The last NG archers decide to get stuck in and charge the flank of the greatswords. The arachnok charges the free company, who pass their terror check.

The shaman causes the unengaged free company to have itches and thus reduced movement. Goblin shooting still kills some halberdiers.

In combat, the arachnok tramples the militia. The warboss finally causes a wound on the war altar, and the NG archers surprisingly kill some greatswords. The GS hold of course due to stubborness. However, only the goblin unit boss, the BSB, and warboss remain from what used to be a 56 model regiment!!!

Where have all the combatants gone???? End of O&G turn 6

Empire turn 6

Last turn!! And the volcano stays quiet!

The halberdiers charge into the archers, and the swordsmen clamber past the scree slope and reach the shaman's unit, but the militia fail their charge due to itchiness.

Magic sees nothing cast. Shooting has the mortars fail to take the last wound of that accursed doom diver!

Combat has the swordsmen drive the wizard and his NG bodyguard off the hill, although they still remain on the battlefield.

The BSB and boss are killed, and the halberds leave just the NG archer musician alive. The Warboss, seeing himself all alone, decides to leg it while the halbediers and greatswords unsuccessfully catch the fleeing archer musician. He slips past a whirling fanatic, but the enraged horses on the war altar plow through and run down the fanatic (taking 2 wounds), and manage to trample the black orc warboss into the ground!

The McDonald Guards finally break through!!!

What a bloody bloody game! The final tally had a score of 1500+ for the empire, and 900 pts for the Orcs and Goblin, resulting in a hard victory to the McDonald City Guards!!!

In the end, I had more reserves to swing the game in my favor, and while the volcano hit both sides, a couple of lava hits really hurt him. Mortars are also pure murder versus a low toughness light armored opponent like night goblins.

Kudos to Kent for the hard fought game. He is a relative noob to WHFB, but is a seasoned 40k veteran, and I can see that he is adjusting well to WHFB play.

Carnage carnage carnage. I don't care what others say, but in this apsect of the game 8th ed is definitely tops!!!!

21-04-2011, 19:09
Fear the volcano!

Nice bloody game. These reports of lots of small units are a lot more interesting than the ones with just a few large ones.

22-04-2011, 01:26
Fear the volcano!

Nice bloody game. These reports of lots of small units are a lot more interesting than the ones with just a few large ones.

Yeah...the maneuver battle is really where it's at, and more units means you have things to do besides grinding it out in a slugfest...

Much more fun, and also much more tactically viable in my opinion..

23-04-2011, 06:04
Grats on the win and cool scenario :D
MSU's can sometimes work but it depends on what you're facing and your luck with the dice....for me it would be bad...
Very bad...