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30-03-2006, 15:55
were bringing 1000point armies to our weekly gaming night and i need a list for my dwarfs, now im not playing to win, im playing to have wacky fun

Dragonslayer: +3WS Runic Wepon
80 Points

Runsmith: Dispell Rune, General, Shield *
97 Points

10 Thunderers:
140 Points

15 Warriors: Full command, Shields, *
160 Points

16 Warriors: Full command, Greatwepons
185 Points

10 Trollslayers
110 Points

1 Grudge Thrower
80 Points

1 Gyrocopter
140 Points

1001 Points

Comments/Critisims welcome, and i will post how bad they do :D

EDIT: I thought i should point out, my oponents are 1 DOW 2 Chaos (ones a warrior freak, and the other will likely have chaos ogres or leadbelchers)

30-03-2006, 16:36
Don't know about the dragonslayer and I definitly would take sth better, like the MR of swiftness and maybe a rune of cleaving or so

But then yourn points wouldn't match anymore either

I don't play against DOW so I can't say anything about that but as for chaos, I think you don't have enough troops...is the gyrocopter really that necesairry? It works against goblins, skaven and skinks but chaos tends to die a bit slower...

I'd say, drop the gyrocopter and maybe even the thunderes and get a unit elite dwarves, preferably ironbreakers