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21-04-2011, 22:08
First off, I'd like to give credit where credit is due and thank Malorian for inspiring me to make this army work, despite the fact I'm going to get absolutely massacred for the first couple of games... He offhandedly said in his vlog that he was interested in seeing how an all-glade rider army works on the tabletop... I happen to have enough models to complete such a project (since I picked up a ton of GR off of E-bay at boat-jumpin', doom-sayin' prices when 8th edition hit.) I'm having my first game with the list this weekend, so let me know if you have any advice for the list by then.

My first game with the list is against my particularly theme-friendly local beastmen player (and thus a perfect match.) We've agreed to play a 1500 point game for starters, and work up my list from there. ATM, my army maxes out at 2500 points, but I've got more GR and other goodies coming in the mail any day now, so that probably won't be my HIGHEST point game I'll play. Other than the beastmen player, I've garnered some support from a Bretonnian player, a Dark Elf player, a Marauder-only Chaos player (really looking forward to that game!) and an empire player who have agreed to help me learn how to play this rather off-the-wall list.

So, without further ado, my list for the weekend.


Lvl 3 Spellweaver (Lore of Life) on Elven Steed (318)
Wand of Wych Elm
Shield of Ptolos
Dragonbane Gem


Alter Noble (145)
Briarsheath (I'll explain in a minute)
HoD arrow

Noble BSB on Elven Steed (necessary to help pass march-blocking tests, and he needs a longbow...) (112)
Asyendi's Bane


(8x) Glade Riders w/ Musician and SB (219 each)

2x (7x) Glade Riders w/ Musician (177 each, or 354 together)


5x Treekin (xxx)

1500 points total


The idea behind the list is fairly simple: Core functions as point-denial while the rest of the army picks off any juicy targets. The Lore of Life wizard will help the Treekin either tough it out, or deal enough damage to break whatever target it may have. The downside to my list is that it's small enough that I'll be outdeployed by almost any army I go up against.

One of the tricks I have up my sleeve (and I'm wary about giving this up) is my custom-built wood I get to deploy after choosing sides. I built it after having a bit of rage over the new terrain rules, so please, bear with me, because this is about to get a tiny bit beardy :evilgrin:. The forest is 6" in diameter, and has 5 'clearings' each only big enough to fit a single, 25mm base. The clearings are arranged like the '5' side on the die: 4 on each 'corner' of the wood, and one in the dead center.

Here's where it gets interesting:

The forest is dense enough that nothing can see through the woods to the center space whatsoever. The four 'corner' spots each have a small 'viewing window' that allows whatever model that occupies them to see (approximately) 45 degrees out of the forest, while shielding them completely from the other 315. What this does is essentially provide me with a sniping bunker for an Alter character (and occasionally for a spellweaver) that allows me to completely dictate what shooting is directed at my characters, while allowing me an almost 360 degree field-of-vision. It also prevents ANY enemy from charging me, because there isn't enough room (even in the corner spots) for another small base, much less a whole unit. The only real vulnerability I have is shooting/magic that doesn't require line of sight.

Anyways, any help you can offer would be vastly appreciated, as this is incredibly new territory for me. The battle report will probably go up on Sunday/Monday, and will have the 'narrative-battle' style (english-nerd here...) I'll post a link to that thread then...

21-04-2011, 22:14
I'm sure my Dark Elves would love to meet that list... But anyways... It's too... small? I don't like the minute amount of models you'll be fielding.

21-04-2011, 23:08
This is reminiscent in playing style of the Memnos Centigor army.

If you loose the Treekin (imagine a triple boosted fireball from a lvl 2), I'm not sure you can win as the Glade Riders aren't strong enough to counter then.

Keep in mind there are some spells that do not require LoS, just front arc, that can kill what you are hiding. Sounds like a lot of work for minimal gain.

21-04-2011, 23:44
why the treekin? i mean with the glade riders running around the place and generally denying points like you said then surely all the enemy combat units will go straight for the treekin, and the glade riders while i love them wont be able to stop a combat army hit the treekin and getting all there VP, seems a unit that can run and hide like the glade riders to deny more VP would make more sense

22-04-2011, 10:17
Mage can't take a shield.

22-04-2011, 11:18
The forest will block line of sight but will not prevent people from charging you if they can see you. They would technically ignore the terrain and rank up against you.

Your list will not be able to kill much of anything, besides the one shot from the hail of doom. Unsupported treekin can win sustained combats on their own. Will get flanked too.

You are also exceptionally vulnerable to magic missiles and other shooting. To draw you will have to spend the entire game hiding from the enemy, which begs the question why bother playing this type of list at all?

22-04-2011, 13:51
I think it's a nice idea and i like your theme. However, the treekin will not only prove to be a big target, but i just dont think they have the right feel to your army. I think you need more missile fire to support your G.Riders, as you'll need to be concentrating your fire with that small an army to cause any real damage. Maybe look into a unit of waywatchers as they can handle small amounts of close combat too if needed. Or if you had your heart set on something fighty, how about a treeman instead. It's got much more freedom of movement than a ranked unit, it can't be attacked by quite as much at any one time, and personally i've always found that they can tear through most things. Plus although its only very short range it's got another shooting attack. Still look into having some G.Guard scouts or something aswell with the remaining points.

22-04-2011, 19:59
I don't like how few models I have either. I'd probably drop the shield- I was honestly just blowing off extra points on wargear without thinking.

Hmm, I agree about the Treekin. They're too many points... I just wanted something that could put out some damage...

So, if I drop them, I could take a unit of 7 Glade Riders, and then maybe 6 Waywatchers (even though they're way overpriced...) The only reason I'm reluctant to take Scouts is because Glade Guard are required to take them, and I'd rather avoid taking any block units aside from the riders.

04-05-2011, 21:07
Themes are fun!
Perhaps it is the low points limit for the game but I don't see any of the more nasty shooting items in your list. If possible you could include the Starfire arrow for a better chance of making enemy units panic, the arcane bodkins for a no armour save shots, the Pagent of Shrikes sprite that can target enemy characters in units.
Would warhawk riders fit in with the theme better than treekin? I know they suck but do the fit the theme better?
Look forward to seeing the batlle report.