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22-04-2011, 06:12
Hey guys,

Anyone who has read previous posts of mine will know that I'm more into the fluff of an army than the actual gameplay but as my collection of models grow I'm starting to get into the gaming side of it when I can (finding a couple of hours for a game is proving difficult!).. anyway I've devised a nice 2k dwarf Army that isn't your usual Runelord with an Anvil scenario + it leads to a great amount of fluff to be written with it... I'm in the process of building this army so let me know what you think as many of you have a far superior gaming head than myself..

Dwarf Lord with Shield Bearers - 295
Gromril Armour with Rune of Preservation (Ignores Poison + Killing Blow) + Rune of Resistance (Re-roll Armour Save) & Rune of Stone (+1 Armour Save), Axe with Rune of Speed (+1 I) Rune of Fire (Flaming Attacks) & Rune of Might (Double strength against T5 or higher) , Ring with Master Rune of Spite (4+ Ward Save)

Demon Slayer - 205
Axe with Master Rune of Smiting + Rune of Swiftness (each unsaved wound =1d6 + Always strikes first) and a bad temper!

Thane (BSB) - 140
Gromril Armour with Master rune of Gromril (1+Armour save), Book with Master Rune of Challenge

Runesmith- 120
Hand Weapon, Gromril Armour + Spell Eater rune

Thane- 100
Hand weapon, Gromril Armour, Handgun & Pistol, Rune of Brotherhood (can join Rangers)

14 Rangers, Crossbows, Great Weapons, light armour, FC – 221
26 Warriors , Heavy Armour, Great Weapons, FC – 285
19 Slayers – 209
15 Slayers, includes 1 Giant Slayer – 180
1 Cannon with Rune of Immolation + Rune of Burning – 125
1 Organ Gun – 120
Total 2000 points

The Plan:

On a normal battle I would plan the following... Lord with BSB + Runesmith sit in the warrior unit fairly central to everything.. the Lord will be a tough little bugger to kill and the BSB can lure a unit towards them and hopefully make my opponent re-think things..the Runesmith provides mandatory magic defense and with a little luck can destroy Throne of vines, purple sun, dwellers e.t.c..reading alot of thos spells upsetting my little stunty friends! The Demon Slayer will hold up in the 19 strong unit of slayers and run (well a dwarfs version of run!) Towards the biggest Monster/Character to seek his doom hopefully getting at least one hit in and slaying the brute! The other unit of slayers are more of a flank protector/ expendable unit that won't shift til the last man (I love Slayers!!). On the other flank I'll have the Organ Gun + Cannon with the cannon being on the furthest flank... as they will get attacked (no doubt) the cannon will explode (rune of immolation...love it!) hopefully having the last laugh and saving the Organ gun.. The Rangers with the Thane just scream fluff and I'm looking forward to seeing what purpose they serve I'm looking for a respectable Thane model to lead these Rangers so if anyone has any ideas that'd be great! Anyway I know its a little low on the model count (for dwarfs) but with the fluff I've got in mind for the little beardies this suits them well...+ hopefully people will underestimate my army and want to play me... then the sneakyness begins!

Any thoughts/ideas on how this force will work out would be good :)

22-04-2011, 06:16
I do have plans to expand this force but until new Hammerer models come out they're staying out :)

22-04-2011, 17:52
I put my rune of challenge on my thane with my rune of brotherhood. Dragging people off from teh main battle line into GW swinging scouts is a ton of fun. Plus, you get to stand and shoot after you force them to charge!:D

22-04-2011, 18:15
Hmmm.. if i'm honest matey I think you've spent at least 300 points more on characters than you should sensibly do for a 2k list :/. Characters do not account for as much hitting power as they use to these days and a lot of your fights will probably boil down to more what the unit can output given the new 8th edition combat style. With this in mind, I think you don't have enough combat power to actually win the fights that will be making their way to you. I also don't think you have adequate firepower to whittle the enemy down before they get to you either, I would honestly take a Grudge Thrower with a rune or two in Penetration and a rune of accuracy over an organ gun to give the opposition's infantry blocks a good thumping before they reach your lines.

However.. considering your love of fluff with the rangers and the slayers.. I don't know what I could really suggest for you to swap around that wouldn't dent your lovely fluffy units. :/ I'd probably drop the 19 slayers and the Daemon Slayer for more GW warriors or Ironbreakers, maybe some Longbeards to sub in for Hammerers if you want? Problem would be freeing up points to alter/adjust the list accordingly.. maybe lighten up on the Lord's runes, ditch the handgun and pistol for the Ranger thane and just give him a GW or something, I would certainly get rid of immolation for RoForging etc. It's up to you at the end I suppose, but imo you could do with at least one more unit of GW Warriors or GW longbeards.. or a unit of Ironbreakers at all and a Grudge thrower in essense. Also I think in lower end games, Balance beats Spelleater, but I usually take a runesmith with balance and spellbreaker :p.

22-04-2011, 23:33
I do have plans to expand this force but until new Hammerer models come out they're staying out :)

Hammerers as ridiculously easy to convert. Take dwarf warriors with great weapons, clip off axe heads, pin on Hammer heads from the hammers in the box. Instant hammerers.

Big Boss Scholes
22-04-2011, 23:53
too many chars, and i think you have too many slayers, there going to be the instant focus of the enemys fire power