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Alex Under
30-03-2006, 16:55
I've just re-written my usual army list and I'd like to see what you think about it before I take it to war :evilgrin:

The only thing is that fluff-wise, I'm sticking to this "rule": Any unit or mini that can have a Nurgle Mark, will be marked by Nurgle. No Undivided and nothing resembling another god. With this in mind, any comments are more than welcome.;)

By the way, I own the HC book in Spanish, so for some things I'm not quite sure about the English translation.



-Nurgle Lvl 2 Sorcerer
with 2 X Dispell Scrolls: 210 pts.

-Nurgle ┐Legendary Heroe? on ┐Daemonic Steed?
with Halberd and ┐Chaos Runic Shield? 244 pts.


-1 X Nurgle Chariot: 135 pts.

-1 X Nurgle Chariot: 135 pts.

-5 X Chaos Hounds: 30 pts.

-8 X Chaos Hounds: 48 pts.

-5 X Chosen Nurgle Knights
with standard bearer and musician: 305 pts.

-12 X Chosen Nurgle Warriors
with extra hand weapons and full command: 356 pts.


-12 X Plaguebearers: 192 pts.

-3 X Nurglings: 120 pts.

-10 X Furies: 150 pts.


-1 X Beast of Nurgle: 75 pts.

TOTAL: 2000 pts.

The idea is to use the 8 chaos warhounds as shields for the knights that have the General with them. The nurglings shields for the Nurgle Warriors and the Sorcerer behind the plaguebearers. The chariots would cover the units' flanks and charge the enemy's units' sides and the furies, the beast of nurgle and the other hounds atract the enemy's firepower while the rest charges forward.

I'm also thinking about Nurgle Minotaurs in a close future. Any ideas of how to equip them / use them propperly?


30-03-2006, 17:21
I'd make your warriors non-chosen and up their numbers to 16. That gives you a small chance of outnumbering and autobreaking your opponent's unit after combat.

I'd also drop two or three furies and add two hounds, so you can make two units of 5 Hounds each. Tw screens is better than one big screen.

On the same note, two exalted champions will probably be a better choice than one lord, if you can get the points for them somehow...

30-03-2006, 20:33
As Der_lex suggested, take two exalteds. I would take one with the mark of nurgle and the other with the mark of undivided, drop the chosen mark on the warriors and take them to around 15-18, Take the MoN off one of the chariots and stick the undivided exalted in it with the BSWORD and the enchanted shield. Take the furies down to 8, split warhounds to 2units. Lastly take your sorcerer 2level 1 and give him 2scrolls, and as for your general (the exalted with the Mark) stick him with the knights and give him a great weapon, barded steed, and either the gaze or the crown of ever lasting conquest.

17-04-2006, 07:01
Put the chaos hounds in one big unit as they do get a rank bonus and work better in numbers.

17-04-2006, 07:55
The_powers_of_chaos, that is not an all too god an idea, remember, that unit would have a Unit Strength of 26, if it flees, his Nurgle army might dissapear very quickly due to not having Ld 9, Nurgle is very weak to panic caused by Shooting.

So, to the original poster, you need to bump your numbers, and the second level of the Sorceror won't do anything, so it's just a waste of points to upgrade your single caddy.

17-04-2006, 08:49
you could also put your better hero in a chariot as they can get to the enemy alot faster in something which is toughness 5.

17-04-2006, 11:21
Actually, both Chaos and Daemonic steeds move faster than Chariots, also note that the Daemonic Steed does have Toughness 5 and a 5+ Ward.

However, fielding a Character on a Daemonic Steed unless you have a specifik role for him is not something I often advocate

17-04-2006, 12:13
As I and Nekoh pointed out, get at least two units of 5hounds make your sorcerror a level one, take the exalted on a steed, with the crown/gaze and a gw. now drop one chariot and beef up the warriors. I personally would remove the chosen mark just so you can fit in the other exalted. other than that just drop 1 fury, and get 2more hounds (12pts) and split them to two units of 5)