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22-04-2011, 15:54
Last weekend, I happened to have a great experience going to the Tempus Fugitives weekend: The Dark Throne. In this, the campaign weekend involved the Time of Three Emperors, when the Empire was divided just prior to the coming of Magnus the Pious.

This was my fourth game. Thanks to Chaos gaining a very strong first few games, there was a major Chaos uprising taking place in Altdorf. The Warhoof was there, with contempt for the mortal followers oozing from his every pore. When the High Elves came in to rescue Altdorf, I volunteered to take the gates back to prevent the citizenry from escaping in the confusion. A Mortal player volunteered to fight inside the city proper in a different game. 3000 points on 3000 points, it was up to the Warhoof to give a proper seeing to to these High Elves!

The scenario opened up in Altdorf itself, with buildings ablaze all around. Packed in to a small area, every building was ablaze. This meant that there was no actual going in to the buildings(They were on fire, after all) and LoS was blocked in many places. The left hand side of the board was the killing zone between the gate and the rest of Altdorf.

The Army of Ghorros, the Father of a Thousand Young


Karadyan - Doombull
w/ Axes of Khorgor, heavy armour, shield, gnarled hide, Dragon Helm, Gouged Tusks, Trickster's Shard

Gorlin Warhoof - Lev 4 Great Bray Shaman of Shadow
w/ Skull of Rarkos


Prestigor Est - Lev 1 Bray Shaman on Razorgor Chariot
w/ Skin of Man

Loki Warhoof - Lev 1 Bray Shaman of Shadow
w/ Shard of the Herdstone

Coyote Warhoof - Lev 1 Bray Shaman of Shadow
w/ Fozzrik's Folding Fortress(In the campaign weekend, we were guaranteed to fight at least one Watchtower scenario. As an incentive, the Fortress was reduced to 50 points if you built and brought your own tower)

Ananasi Warhoof - Wargor
w/ Chalice of Dark Rain


5 Centigor w/ Ghorros Warhoof
5 Centigor
5 Centigor w/ full command, throwing axes
5 Centigor w/ full command, throwing axes
14 Ungor w/ full command

Razorgor Chariot
5 Harpies


The Army of the High Elves

This is approximate. I don't know quite what he had as it didn't matter in the end. Mostly accurate, with whatever magic items makes up the difference.


Lev 4 Archmage w/ Lore of Life and knowing extra spells.

High Elf Prince on horse


High Elf Battle Standard on Horse - Either with +d3 dice magic standard or, if the Phoenix Guard could take it, it was on them. Either way, he definitely had it.


30 Sea Guard
30 Sea Guard
20 Archers


White Lion Chariot
8 Dragon Princes w/ Full Command
15 White Lions w/ full command, Korhil
30 Phoenix Guard w/ full command, Caradryan


Bolt Thrower
Bolt Thrower

The Setup

He won the setup and had me choose the side and go first.

I chose the side with more terrain and dropped a Razorgor down close to the center so they could rapidly redeploy.

He set down his archers in the center.

I set down another Razorgor close to the center and he set down his Sea Guard on the left hand side.

I set down my last Razorgor on the left hand side and he set down his other Sea Guard on the left hand side.

He then set down his White Lions in the back, behind his unit of Archers. I set down my Harpies in the center, figuring I could rapid-deploy wherever his Bolt Throwers were.

He set down his Bolt Throwers - One in the far left hand side and the other more central, to get the most of the killing zone.

I deployed a unit of axe throwing Centigor opposite his central bolt thrower. He deployed his unit of Phoenix Guard dead center.

I deployed a unit of Centigor opposite his left-most unit of 30 Lothern Sea Guard. He deployed his eagle to the left hand side.

I deployed another unit of Centigor to the left so I could gang up on his Sea Guard if I needed to.

He deployed his Dragon Princes to the right, hoping to sweep up my still weak flank, I suppose.

I deployed the naked Centigor unit to center. He deployed all his characters - The Prince and Battlestandard deployed with the Dragon Princes. The Mage went with the Phoenix Guard.

I then got to deploy everything. Ghorros set up on the right hand side with his unit. Karadyan the Doombull and the Ghorgon set up on the right hand side as well. The Jabberslythe set up on the left hand side to help take out the bolt throwers. All my Mages and the Wargor with the Chalice set up together with the Ungor outside of line of sight with the mighty Fortress.

The right hand side was going to be where I was picking a fight. With all my fast moving fliers and stuff taking out his archers, I was fairly confident his less fighty-things would lose. I set up the scouting Razorgor chariot 13 inches away from his left hand Bolt Thrower. Mu ha ha ha.

1st Turn

The High Elves took the first turn. I activated the Chalice. They didn't move except to move on the White Lion chariot. The scenario allowed them to move any one of their units on in the remaining moves section from any table edge. They chose the left hand side.

He cast throne of Vines and +4 toughness on the Phoenix Guard. I didn't care as I wasn't getting in combat that turn.


He fired his Bolt Thrower with single shot at my scouting Razorgor. He hit. He wounded. He caused 3 wounds. The other Bolt Thrower fired single shot at my other Razorgor Chariot. He hit, he wounded. He caused 3 wounds.

Still, with most everything else hitting on 5s, wounding on 6s, only one more wound was caused. It was to the Razorgor in my center.

Beastmen turn one

I declared a charge with my Razorgor chariot on his. I needed a 6 on 3 dice. I rolled a 3, a 2 and a 1 and failed charge. With only one wound left, I sensed doom. Everything else advanced, with my Ghorgon, Doombull and Razorgor on my right hand side moving line abreast through the alleys of Altdorf. He could choose to charge, but with the buildings in close proximity, his cavalry would have to contact all 3. I rolled for my Drunken table for all 4 - On the left hand side, I rolled sober. I rolled for the central 2 Hung Over and Ghorros and his people were Stubborn as they had obviously been drinking in the taverns.

Ghorros walked up behind the 3 terrible monsters, hemmed in by the buildings himself.

The Harpies and Jabberslythe flew within range of charging the other Bolt Thrower and the Centigor in the center moved up as well. On the left hand side, the Chariot advanced beside the Beastmen. Next turn, I would be able to charge the Bolt Throwers with not one, but 6 different units.

Magic I dispelled Thrones and cast the default Miasma(Which all my Lev 1 Bray Shaman had). His Dragon Princes lost 2 WS, M and I. I'd be hitting on 3s with nearly everything if he charged me. And I had his Dragon Princes lose 2 points of Strength. They'd be hard pressed to wound if they charged.

Elves Turn 2

The Elves stayed put. Not deigning to charge my guys, they opted for another round of shooting. The Dragon Princes realized they were pretty hemmed in and were getting charged next round. They didn't opt to charge, which is a good thing. If they'd have connected, they would have been very dead. The White Lions turned to move towards where the monsters were.


I dispelled Throne of Vines, which he attempted to cast with 6 dice. No double sixes, so it was clear he didn't have the Book of Hoeth. That was a relief. He cast Shield of Thorns on his Dragon Princes.


He fired his Bolt Thrower at my unengaged Chariot, hitting and wounding and rolling another 3 wounds. This destroyed it and sent my Harpies running along with a single unit of Centigor. No charge with the Harpies next round. They then fired a single shot at my Razorgor on the left hand side. They hit. They wounded. They rolled 3 wounds again and killed the Razorgor. This sparked off my scouting Razorgor Chariot running along with a unit of Centigor. Fun fact: The Centigor unit wouldn't rally in the next 4 turns, failing rally after rally roll. A second Razorgor would also die due to shooting, despite being hit on 4s and wounded on 6s.
Yep. I failed every single panic test I could.

Beastmen Turn 2

CHARGE! I declared a charge with my Ghorgon, Doombull and Razorgor. I needed 6 on my Doombull, a 5 on my Razorgor on 3 dice and a 5 on my Ghorgon. The Doombull failed charge, leaving only the Razorgor and the Doombull in with the giant unit of Dragon Princes, Lord and Battle Standard.

On the left hand side, the Harpies Rallied as did the Bray Shaman. HURRAH! The Centigor kept running. The central Centigor, the only unit that was still around, charged in to the Bolt Thrower and was going to be able to run in to the flank of the White Lions. Since I was aimed at the unit of Lothern Sea Guard, I suspect my opponent hadn't realized that I'd be within range of that when he moved. Little did I know that Korhil was in that unit.

He dispelled Miasma with one of my mages, but I got off the other 2.

This turned out to be very vital as both rolled 3s and his Dragon Princes, BSB and General were now WS 1, I 1 and staring down the barrel of two very nasty S6 models getting a total of 11 attacks hitting on 3s, wounding on 2s and he'd save on 5s.


I managed to roll EIGHT *******' WOUNDS on his General's unit! WOO! Well Done, Mr. Ghorgon and Company! Who needed the Doombull?

Unfortunately, he saved six of those. Thankfully, he did no wounds in return and I ended up winning the fight. He stuck around.

High Elf Turn 3

He charged both Eagles at my Chariot. I held. There was no way after everything ran on that side I was going to let the Sons of the Warhoof get embarassed by running from elves.

The Lion Chariot was stuck behind a building and was maneuvering.


He tried to cast Throne of Vines. I dispelled it. He cast regenerate on his own unit as nothing else would be in combat that he was close enough to.


He shot at Karadyan and managed to roll one wound. With my 1+ save, I quickly rolled a 1 and took a wound.


Hitting the flank of his White Lions, he killed 2 of my Centigor. I responded by killing 2 of his guys! HAH!

And then I promptly ran off. Fun Fact #2! This unit of Centigor also would never rally during this game.

The Eagles failed to wound, one was killed and the other stuck around.

That's when my boys decided to step up. 5 of the Dragon Princes were ripped to shreds by the Ghorgon and one more by the Razorgor. Leaving only the BSB and General, they failed and ran off the board. I wasn't finished with them, however, and had the Razorgor pursue. I didn't want to just have them escape. I wanted to know I'd caught them! They ran 11 inches. The Ghorgon ran 5 and the Razorgor ran 11. Ten of the finest heroes of the High Elves were now hog chow. Yes, he was off the board. But, really... Wouldn't you want to chase them in my situation? ;)

Beastmen Turn 3

I charged Karadyan in to the Archers in the center who just caused a wound on him. The Razorgor in the center followed up in to their side.The Ghorgon moved to arrange a charge, as did the Razorgor. My intention was to get a massive hit on the Phoenix Guard after I broke these archers and rammed in to the Phoenix Guard. I figured I could kill them in his turn.

The Jabberslythe cunningly moved to intercept the Lion Chariot, careful to be behind a building so that if it came out, it would be able to be charged without the Lions getting attacks, and if it didn't it would still get slammed by the Aura and mutated to nothing.


My Mages were now out of Lin of Sight of almost everything except the Archers. I cursed them so they wouldn't get rerolls to hit.


I obliterated the High Elves by quite a lot. Between the Stomps, the rerollable S6 attacks and the S6 hits of the Razorgor, they had almost no one left. They did cause 2 wounds to the Razorgor, though. Having lost by quite a lot, they proceeded to roll double 1s. A pox upon the High Elf player! I needed to clear out that area so the Warhoof could get in to combat.

High Elf Turn 4

Not much in the movement phase. He had one Bolt Thrower left who was out of range of everything and his bowmen. The Phoenix Guard turned towards my much stronger right flank so that Karadyan could fight them.


Again, failed to cast Throne of Vines. This time, he upped the Toughness of the White Lions by 2.


My Razorgor Chariot was destroyed, leaving only the Bray Shaman. He fired one unit of Lothern Sea Guard at the Ghorgon as he could see it. Caused 4 wounds, too. His shooting was brilliant this game. Well played to him. He finished off all but one of my Centigor units this round, too with his shooting.


His archers were massacred.

Beastmen Turn 4

CHARGE! Karadyan charged, along with his faithful boar, the White Lions. It was time to show them what we were made of!

The Ghorgon hid behind a building with only one unit left to see it. No way I was going to give them 275 victory points that easy.


I was outside of range of everything.


I issued a challenge and he caused a wound to the Razorgor, killing it. I proceeded to massacre their unit champion, who managed to cause a wound to me, bringing me down to 3 wounds. In return, I got 1 wound and 5 Overkill. They lost combat, but were stubborn.

And proceeded to fail the roll. And now had no Battle Standard. And rolled a 5, whereas my character rolled a 6 and killed them all. Staring down the Phoenix Guard, who had just seen their General, Battle Standard Bearer, archers and now the Captain of the *******' White Lions being torn apart and devoured messily, they stalwartly held their ground in the face of this monstrousity.

High Elf Turn 5.

They charged the Phoenix Guard in to the guy with the great save and the ability to force them to reroll saves.


I dispelled Throne of Vines again and the the Archmage proceeded to fail to cast some spell, ending their phase.


He rolled another 4 wounds on my Ghorgon and obliterated it.


With a roar, the Doombull proceeded to issue a challenge to the Captain of the Phoenix Guard, who stepped forward bravely.

Caradryan lifted up his magic weapon, hit 3 times, 2 of which were saved and then proceeded to roll 3 wounds.

The guy never rolled less than a 3 on d3 ever in his entire freaking game and he rolled it a lot.

Beastmen Turn 5

I was fairly confident at this point. I retreated my Razorgor with his Battle Standard and Standard from his Dragon Princes to a point he couldn't shoot at. I had a lot of points still on the board, whereas he had lost quite a significant amount. I retreated this turn where he couldn't see me.

High Elf Turn 6

Nothing happened. We ended the game, then, as I just didn't do any moves and it was over.

Final count:

I had lost:

2 Razorgor worth 55 each
A Razorgor Chariot worth 145
A Doombull worth 353
A Centigor Unit worth 125 points
2 Centigor Units worth 170
A Ghorgon worth 275

All told: 1346

He counted up and lost 1480 plus General and Standard.

Victory to the Warhoof!

Ghorros had just come around the corner when his favoured son, Karadyan, was brutally cut down by the Elven Captain of the Phoenix Guard. Drunk as he was, he had found it difficult to navigate the narrow streets of Altdorf. He roared in anger, moving forward to deal a final blow to the invaders, but they were in retreat. With so many dead - The Captain of the Phoenix Guard, their Prince, the heroes of Caledor were all numbered among them - They couldn't stay. The Warhoof strained at an unseen leash, torn between protecting the sons still here and allowing them to continue gathering their just reward for the attack on Altdorf. His muscles tensed like steel and then, slowly, began to relax. "Next time, elf." He growled, turning to his men. "We have taken the gate, though we've lost many of my sons. I just hope the Manlings in the town were able to remove the Elfs as we were."

As it turned out, the victory was hollow. The Chaos Warriors in town were driven out by the lightning fast attack of the High Elves. When he would find out, the Warhoof would vow revenge on the Chaos Tribes who had let his sons die for nothing.

22-04-2011, 17:07
Great reports!!! Poor Kadrayan!!! :mad: Make him eat the elf next time!!! :)

22-04-2011, 17:30
Epic battle report.

Your opponent's shooting was absolutely insanely lucky. Amazing you still managed the minor victory in light of that

22-04-2011, 17:44
Epic battle report.

Your opponent's shooting was absolutely insanely lucky. Amazing you still managed the minor victory in light of that

We were laughing about that after. I failed all but 2 leadership checks and he was routinely getting 1/3 to 1/2 of his rolls to wound as 6s.

It all changed when his General and Battle Standard were reduced to WS 1 I 1.

I remember the conversation well:

"All right. You now hit me on 5s and you no longer get to reroll to hit."
"I have Always Strike First!"
"Yep. And Initiative 1. You strike first, getting no rerolls and hitting on 5s."
"... Crap."

I strongly think armies based around MSU can be very effective. No single spell can destroy you and a single bad roll doesn't end the game. He killed 3-4 units of mine for every one of his I took out and they were expensive enough I still won.

22-04-2011, 18:06
Glad to tables turned towards the end -- my heart is always with the beasties.

As a skaven player, I really like see people championing MSU-style armies in 8th (since I dont really have the option of doing so), especially the centi-razor-gor mix like you run that has been proving effective at many point levels.

On second thought, maybe I should try to resurrect my storm of chaos Eshin armies.
No more UCoD, but it can be very deep strikey

50% of your army in gutter runners.
min core of slaves and night runners (one with warp grinder obviously)
and then a seer, bsb, and sniktch/assassin

23-04-2011, 03:42
Great to see this list is still doing well :)

It is very original and challenges everything people swear by in 8th.

23-04-2011, 06:07
Ghorros is like my ******* hero man :p
It's scary how well that setup seems to work.