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22-04-2011, 17:59
Hi all. So this is an army list I have thrown together for a bit of fun. I would lime peoples input BUT it must adhere to the followng three golden rules:

1. It must must must contain malekith
2. It has to hav malus in it
3. It has to have a decent amount of magical goodness

so the lists first draft is:

malekith on cold one
malus darkblade on spite
l2 sorceress with dagger and guiding eye
as above with no magic items
20 x bows wih shields
20 x bows with shields
19 x bows with shield
19 x bows with shields
assassin with rending stars
15 cold one knights with banner of hag graef (always strikes first)
2 x bolt throwers

2998 points

23-04-2011, 14:28
Are both Malekith and Malus going into the massive cold one unit? While that is an interesting build, I think it will fall short. The cold one unit is your only combaty unit, leaving you vulnerable and one dimensional. I would get at least a few blocks of core spearmen or corsairs to protect the cold one riders flanks. You need war machine hunters badly (harpies, shades, certain assassin builds). A dwarf, empire or even o&g players is going to have a field day blowing that block apart. O and yeah, pray you don't fail that units stupidity test, lol. :eek: