View Full Version : 2 1750 Empire lists: opinions please!

22-04-2011, 20:18
To preface I am in a club esco league (in Canada) to help everyone get painted and get their love of fantasy back. I am running empire as one of the 8 players (Skaven, high elf, Vampires, 2 Night Gobbo lists, warriors, beastmen being the others). I have finished the 1500pt portion of the league, going a decent 2-1 (it's good for me!) with the following list:

Arch Lector: Great Weapon, AoMI, Crimson Amulet, Ironcurse Ircon
Lvl 2: Lore of Light, Dispel Scroll
BSB: Full Plate, Enchanted Shield, Luckstone, Sword of Might
Captain: Pegasus, Lance, Opal Amulet, Charmed Shield
36 swordsmen w/ 10 Archers
24 Halberds
22 Flaggs
10 handgunners

I was able to defeat the Vampires and one of the Night Goblin hordes, losing in a doubles game to a Beastman/High Elf combo (which was nasty. It was rerollacentral!)

As much as I want to win, this is also an exercise to get stuff painted. So, with both in mind here are a couple 1750 lists I am toying with:

Firstly, an expansion on the above:
Wizard becomes level 3 (possibly with a change in Lore to get another one done. Have Shadow, Fire, Light done now. Perhaps Life?)
Add a Mortar
Handgunners become a detachment to the Halberds
Add 6 Pistoliers

Secondly, a more significant change:
Templar Grandmaster: Sword of Sigismund, Crown of Command, Crimson Amulet (typically my most successful character build of any sort... which may seem odd to some) He is in with...
11 Knights: Full command
2 Lvl 2's: Not sure of the Lores. Thinking Death and Beasts
Priest: Great Weapon, AoMI
BSB: Full Plate, Dragonhelm, Sword of Might, Ironcurse Icon, Luckstone
24 Halberds
27 flaggs
2x Mortars
6 Pistoliers

So there we go. I only have so many halberds and am trying to paint my current collection, so cannot run 2 hordes like most like to. I can build a War Altar if need be, but seems a bit much at 1750. Perhaps at the next step of 2k?

Would definitely like some input! Thanks again.