View Full Version : ORCS & GOBLINS: 1800pts (1st Attempt). Critique please!

22-04-2011, 21:59

My 1st attempt at an Orcs & Goblins list. Comments on what's good and bad about my list would be appreciated!

Gorbad Ironclaw 375

Savage Orc Shaman 105
Level 2 Wizard

Night Goblin Shaman 85
Level 2 Wizard

30 Orc Boyz 245
Full Command
Additional Hand Weapons

30 Orc Boyz 245
Full Command
Additional Hand Weapons

40 Night Goblins 200 (night goblin shaman goes here)
Full Command
2 Fanatics

20 Black Orcs 265 (savage orc shaman goes here)
Boss & Musician

10 Boar Boyz 205 (Gorbad goes here)
Full Command

Thats 1725 points, leaving me 75 points for magic items for my 2 shamans. If needed, I would lose a few numbers out of units for some magic banners. 1st battle will be against Vampire Counts, who have no shooting whatsoever, level 3 vamp, level 1 vamp, necromancer, wight king, unit of grave guard, loads of skellies & 2 varghulfs. Maybe some cairn wraiths and dire wolves too.

Thanks in advance!

23-04-2011, 04:22
If you are taking Gorbad you should take advantage of his specialized army build- so I would try and find a way to make every orc unit a big unz unit-

And throw in the Banner of Eternal Flame- you will need it to get rid of all of the VC regeneration-

23-04-2011, 06:47
Biggest thing to do - ditch Gorbad!!

1) He's TOO expensive at this points level
2) He's on a boar - so he can be picked out by anyone as he won't get look out sir from anyone but the boar boyz
3) Being in the boar boyz will mean he'll want to get stuck in, but it's always dicy running your main warboss into combat so fast - especially with just boar boyz - they are good on the charge, they will win the combat, but most times enemy is steadfast.
Next round of combat the enemy will normally win and boar boyz flee!
4) Best thing about him is unlimited big uns upgrade - and you don't have ANY Big Uns!

- One of your Shamans could really do with being a level 3 or 4 - would help out big time!

- Night Goblins NEED netters - best upgrade in the world, it's almost compulsory I feel as it actually allows them a chance to live AND win combats!

- Lots of anvil units but not many hammer units, even the addition of a few chariots would really spice the army up - duel charge with boyz and chariot = win!

- Think of combing the 2 Orc Boyz units into one unit of 60 - and make them big uns - that is a truly horrifying unit - str 5 boys 1st round of combat, AND they get a magic banner, better WS!


Have fun with it - replacing Gorbad with normal characters at this stage would be a much better investment of points/gaming effectiveness but it's your Waaagh so go with whatever feels right to you, it's not all about the gaming but it's about what you like also!