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23-04-2011, 04:51
Just getting to grips with the new edition of fantasy and im going up against a fried who plays quite a lot more than me.What is good for Vampire counts at the moment? At the 3000 point level.So far, im thinking black coaches, manfred, duo/trios of varghulfs, 30+ units of graveguard with the banner of barrows and ghouls with one skeleton unit for the extra banner?

Going to be playing a 3000 point VC vs skaven list and i'm not sure where to start.

Whats the best vampire setup/ lore choice?
Should i still be casting invocation as much or is it not worth it when compared to death magic?
How big should my core units be now?
Is it worth hording vamp units or should i just try to cancell the enemies steadfast and hit hard with knights?

23-04-2011, 05:22
Welcome back spirit :). Style wise it is reminiscent of 7th ed bunker style. Though without all the unit pumping. I generally run denied flank with 1 or 2 gg gw hordes.

Best setup:
Well personally I've been using a caster lord primarily for the last year. You know the caster lord combo's. Though recently I've been using FL instead of DA. And trying out Metal which I find is pretty handy (though in an all comer's sense not for one off's).
I'm sure you'll find people recommend Light which is also good. Honestly though if I don't use FL I'm still fine with Vampire Lore. Van Hel's is still amazing (and being spammable on 2 dice doesn't hurt).

Recently I've been trying out a combat general w/blood drinker in a unit of blood knights. This unit has been very successful at actually getting Victory Points.

To recap as far as lore goes I see it being like this ; Vampire, Light/Metal/Shadow
Again these are with a tournament style in mind.

In regards to invocation, I actually rez far less this edition. Though I'd say I've probably rezzed more with Summon Undead Horde than with Invo.

I prefer core units to be pretty large. Points denial is pretty huge at this point. I've played with multiple units of 20 - 25 ghouls and I have to say I've been more successful combining all those into 2 large units. With a little bunker of 15 or so behind my lines.

Infantry is king in a lot of ways these days. Hordes of ghouls and great weapon grave guard are very effective. I have been pretty successful with blood knights, and had just horrendous luck with black knights so ymmv. I find that in many cases I'd be better off with more grave guard than the knights.

Things I don't leave home without in every list I make. Horde of Grave Guard w/GW at least 35 strong preferably bigger with Banner of the Barrows, a big unit of ghouls (formation dependent on opponent). Helm of Commandment. After that it is really up too you. Varghulfs perform pretty bad these days though running one on the flank with Black Knights is still viable. You just have to pick your targets very carefully with the Varghulf.

Sorry for the long rambling reply , good to see you back.

23-04-2011, 05:49
Yeah what Yrrdead said.
Hordes of Ghouls are nasty, especially if you can get Van Hels on them or the Corpse cart bound spell. A hordes worth of poisoned attacks + re-rolling misses = a lot of dead enemies.
Hordes of Grave Guard with Great Weapons are great too, especially when combined with Helm of Commandment and banner of the barrows; hitting on 2's wounding on 2's again = a lot of dead enemies.

I've found that 1 varghulf does very little and you really need to take 2 or 0.