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03-05-2011, 07:59
Hey All, this is my first Beastmen list. The idea is to use the classic Skull+Herdstone combo to pump out Shadows debuffs (Mostly Miasma).

The Beastlord goes with the Bestigors to make a stubborn LD9 core to my battleline. The chariots work in tandem with eachother on one flank, and the minos on the other.


Beastlord: 248
Armor of Destiny, Shield, Helm of Command, Gnarled Hide - Im not so sure on this guy's layout. One thing im sure about is that he needs helm of command and good defences so that my stubborn ld9 doesnt get splatted.

Great Bray Shaman (Beasts): 290
Level3, Steel Claws, Talisman of Preservation, Jagged Dagger


Gorebull: 202
BSB, Heavy Armor, Shield, Ironcurse Icon

Bray Shaman (Shadows): 125
Level1, Shard of the Herdstone

Bray Shaman (Shadows): 75

Bray Shaman (Shadows): 75


30 Gors: 265
Full Command, AHW

29 Gors: 257
Full Command, AHW

Tuskgor Chariot: 80

Tuskgor Chariot: 80


29 Bestigors: 388
Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame

5 Minotaurs: 315
Champion, AHW

So, any comments? As ive said, im still not sure about the Lord's equipment.


Samael Bloodseeker
03-05-2011, 17:19
You may be able to comfortably lose a couple gors and either a chariot or a bray shaman in order to pick up two more minotaurs, that'll give them the rank bonus and let them keep it for a little while. Also, unless you're going up against something with regeneration, don't take banner of eternal flame. Use Banner of Outrage, 20 points = hatred.

03-05-2011, 22:29
The skull gets tricky to use because of spell and Shard ranges.

Minotaurs are hard to use, don't be surprised if you drop them. Especially for super awesome Razorgors.

Chariots are great. They are a support unit. And they are great.

A pretty common BSB is a Wargor, HA, Sh, Gnarled Hide, Beasts Banner. Gives a Gor unit S4 attacks (helpful with Wissans to have a S5 T5 unit with lots of attacks and Hatred).

Beastmen can be tricky starting out best of luck.

04-05-2011, 08:38
So i had a very close game of watchtower against VC (lost it in turn 7 due to a unlucky ld9 Stubborn roll) and this is what ive learned:

4 Bray Shaman with Shadows is a bit overkill. Usually im getting in the region of 11PD+ Channel and its all going into miasma (as with a level 3 its more of a gamble on which spells you get). Also, I'm missing having a proper combat character so the idea is to change him to have the following:

Great Bray Shaman (Beasts)
Level3, Jagged Dagger, Steel Claws (or brass cleaver), Talisman of Preservation

He is 290/285 vs the 266 of my existing GBS and can actually fight in combat. Also, with the +1S/T buff from beasts he has good synergy with the miasma mages. To get the points for him, I've dropped the extra hand weapons from the other mages and have made a space in one of the Gor units.

My beastlord spent the game in the watchtower so he didnt really get into combat effectively. Ill keep him as is for the time being.

04-05-2011, 11:28
7 Turns? Why such a long game?
The CombatShaman is getting more poular I think. That's the general build that ppl seem to agree on but bump him up to Lvl4.
Drop the FC on the Minotaurs and possibly a chariot for a Razorgor and you should have enough points to shuffle off the Crown of Command to a Bray-Shaman and get some killing power on your Beastlord. They can be monsters in CC if kitted out right.
Talisman of Endurance
Sh or AHW
Ramhorn Helm
Gnarled Hide

04-05-2011, 11:42
7 Turns? Why such a long game?

At the end of each turn of a watchtower game (starting on turn4) you roll a D6+the turn you are on. If the result is a 10, the game ends. With some bad rolling, you can go up to turn 9.

As for the Minos, I'm probably going to drop at least the banner and the musician. I would like to keep the Champion just incase there is anything that can seriously hurt the BSB in a challenge. That, combined with the points i got before would be enough to fund both the GBS and Lord's change in gear (maybe not level 4 on the shaman but definitely enough to cover an extra 35 points of magic items).

EDIT: The updated list is in the first post