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03-05-2011, 09:02
Hallo all,

I couldn't help myself really. I am finishing my tournament Imperial Guard force and working on the campaign Bad Moon Orkz but I had this box of Dust: Tactics arrive on my doorstep.

I really had to pain one of the Germans to see how they'd turn out. And I am quite happy. I like the realistic (easy) painting of these mini's and they are surely well detailed !

After this first guy, I decided he needed a friend so I also painted up one of the Americans. I've used mainly Vallejo paints and added a bit of Citadel paint. Normally I don't varnish mini's but it seems the Vallejo paint rubs off pretty fast. A coat of spray nicely fixed that.



Mega Nutz
03-05-2011, 21:01
I've been quite interested to see how these mini's would look painted and yours don't disappoint! Certainly eager to see the rest of the squads and walkers!!

Great job!!

05-05-2011, 16:51
Show the walkers!

06-05-2011, 21:18
Some work in progress. No Walkers yet. I am going to alternate painting walkers and troops.

We played the game and the rules look sort of interesting. What does sting me is that a unit can use all of its weapon options in one go. This makes for a 5-man unit that can fire its 4 shotguns, 1 flamer, throw 5 demolitions and use 5 knives all in one turn (on different targets!). A bit much if you ask me, especially if you consider how powerful each of those weapons alone is. Seems silly from a fluff perspective and downright moronic in a game balance situation.

I would like it much better if a model could use one weapon per turn..a bit like 40K. Apart from that, being a wargamer, of course I would like to use some proper terrain :D

The models are gorgeous and reason alone to collect all of them. I just hope that the rumoured wargame rules will be a bit more balanced :)

Still, there is potential in this game.


31-05-2011, 00:49
Interesting painting! I personaly feel however, that those models have the same problem as the human infantry of the AT-43 line: strange proportions and weird pose.
I will be following your progress anyway ^^

02-06-2011, 15:20
Subscribed :)

Now convince me :)

02-06-2011, 15:21
Your painting is very good by the way.

03-06-2011, 12:06
Seems silly from a fluff perspective and downright moronic in a game balance situation.

Not necessarily. Presumably the game is platested on that assumption. I don't think one way or the other makes "more sense"; it all depends on things like what sort of time a turn is supposed to represent.

I've not played the game; is there some sort of points system?

Anyway, those infantry are very nice. Almost makes me want to buy into it.

11-08-2011, 02:28
I have my copy of DUST Tactics arriving today (Hopefully).

Cannot wait to swing a brush at them and get a game in with my boys.

Hope you have some more updates soon!

Happy Gaming,


28-06-2012, 20:23
I picked up the brush once more. I did some more research since I'd already forgotten how to paint the first ones I did. :) Luckily the web is a treasure trove of info posted by people who really did proper research on the real thing.

Although a wild mix of all SS camouflage patterns is more realistic I decided to stick with one pattern. I am painting an army and I do want to have some unity in the force. I went with M42 Plane Tree Fall Camouflage for the troops. I mixed it up with Fieldgray pants and shirts here and there and the armor is painted with good old German Grey.

Not sure about my vehicles. Middlestone (Sand) vehicles with Green/Brown Camo is most realistic but for unity I think I will choose German Grey with Middlestone (Sand) camo on top. I believe that will tie together the troops and the vehicles. The heavy troops will be treated as vehicles.

Listed below the pics of the first finished squad + the real thing those soldiers wore.

I hope you like !






04-07-2012, 18:07
I just finished my second squad, the Battle Grenadiers. Piccies below.

Laser Grenadiers are on the way :cool:




05-07-2012, 20:22
Nice work, especially the lenses of the goggles mate.

06-07-2012, 12:08
great ammo scheme, it works nicely on the models, pretty boys they are. And now for the tanks and other heavies

08-07-2012, 15:13
I have just finished my Laser Grenadiers. I decided to paint the weapons and powerpacks Middlestone, much like the Panzerfausts and yellow that goes on german Panzers.

Next are the Kommandotrupp, The Beobachter team, the Snipers and Sigfrid. Bots will be done when I get the chance to learn to airbrush :D It's turning into an army yet !




18-07-2012, 19:57
NIce nice. Love the blue laser thingy, works very well!