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03-05-2011, 09:02
Here's a 1500 pt. list i thought up for a tourney. I would like to know what you all think.

lvl. 2, MoT, talisman of preservation

40 marauders
GW, full command, MoK

12 warriors
Full command, MoK, halberds, standard of discipline

12 warriors
Full command, MoK, halberds

5 knights
standard bearer



03-05-2011, 23:31
Chariots aren't tremendously useful in a WoC army. I would use the points to make the level 2 a Level 4.

Not a bad list though. With no CR you will have to support the Warriors well (or you could make them one unit of 24).

04-05-2011, 15:41
yeah, i've thougt about that too, but you're not allowed to have units that are more than 300 points. otherwise I would have taken two units of 18 warriors, no chariot and no knights.
you're right about the chariot being crappy though. in the two games I played with it, it died before making it into combat.
which lore should I get if I take a wizard lord?

06-05-2011, 23:27
why cant you have units more than 300 points?

18-05-2011, 14:26
I don't know, I think it's a stupid rule too.

18-05-2011, 23:46
Why not the flaming banner? Do your warriors need a higher LD for some reason?

Why not the Banner of Rage? It si 5 points more than the Mark of Khorne and at up to 6 times better.

Chariots are not very good. Warshrines are though :)

21-05-2011, 20:53
I just had some points left, and I didn't know how to spend em, so I gave my warriors the standard of discipline. I hadn't thought about the banner of rage, maybe next time.
As for the warshrines, I've used them before, but they have never worked out for me. The chariot did quite well in the tourney though, he killed a doomwheel, about five warriors of tzeentch, and some ironbreakers. I placed second in the tourney overall, even though I lost the second game vs. dwarves 22 points to 0. He just kept on making 6+ armour saves.

24-05-2011, 11:10
Chariots aren't bad if they make it into combat. Against high elves, theyre golden :D