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03-05-2011, 08:45
I'm just getting back into Warhammer after a many year long hiatus and I'm starting a new Goblin army. I'm looking for advice, particularly on the best way to make use of plenty of spider riders. I see a lot of people running units of 5 to block charges and marching, also to chase after warmachines, but is there more they can do? Would a unit of 15-20 be good for hunting things like archer blocks and small support units, or would I be better off looking elsewhere?

Also what do people think of Goblins vs Night goblins? Are fanatics still awesome, or are Skulkers the way of the future?

Here's a list of what I currently have (2nd hand deal I picked up), I'm building up towards a small 1500pt list to practise with first. I'm definately going to get an Arachnarok spider asap but I'm guessing it's a bit much at <2000pts, I'll probably save most of my rare allowance for that.
40 Night goblins with shortbows
4 fanatics
20 Spider riders
2 Night goblin shamans
6 squigs & 4 herders

Thanks in advance for any helpful hints you can give me. :D

05-05-2011, 06:35
Anyone else out there field big spider units? I'm thinking 15 to go for flank charges.

05-05-2011, 09:39
1. Spiders are not so great. Even when you forget that wolves are 3pts cheaper and slightly better than spiders, spiders aren't too good.
Units of 20 backed up by 2 or 3 big bosses on spiders in the front rank can do okay but not brilliant, and equal points worth of boar boyz will do much better.
The problem is a unit of 10 is getting 10 S4 attacks and 5 S3 (poisoned) attacks - which is nothing to be getting happy about.

They can take down warmachines and other units of weak fast cav or scouts but that's it. And everything they can do, wolves can do for 3pts/model cheaper.

2. Night and 'common' goblins both have a place IMO. But for different reasons.
NG are good fielded as a steadfast block to either hold up a big monster or take away steadfast and net a unit engaged with your combat unit. Goblins can do these equally well.

Where NG are better is in the free spears, meaning you can take units of 100 NG for fairly cheap with 40 attacks, even at WS 2, S3, will do damage eventually. And casting the poison spell on them will be devastating too.
Now goblins can do this too, but it will cost an extra 150pts so yeah.
What NG also have is nets which are great in support of an orc unit.

Personally I think skulkers are ok, quite nice, and in a goblin only army, they're excellent (for the KB) but otherwise the synergy from the NG nets is priceless.

3. @ your little list
Squig units work great in hordes now, you need lots or they'll get shot down and explode very early in the game
Need more goblins definitely.
Otherwise good, get some siege stuff (rock lobers doom divers spear chukkas galore)

Good luck and welcome to goblins!

05-05-2011, 20:04
Given that I'm taking spiders over wolves (cause I have the figures) do you think I'd be best off taking a couple of units of 5 just for warmachine hunting and blocking, instead of a bigger unit? Or do you think I'd be best going all out with the 20 man block + big bosses.
The squig unit I'm looking to eventually increase to about 30-35 squigs and 10-15 herders, do you think that'll be about the right size?
When I get to bigger games I'm likely to chew up a lot of my rare allowance with an Aracnarok spider (the model's just too cool to ignore) but I'll definately be squeezing in as much artillery as I can around that, thanks for the advice!

06-05-2011, 04:31
I use my wolf riders as a block of 10- just because I think it takes that many of them to kill something- I imagine spider riders are the same-

So if you just want them to be bait, or a distraction take a unit of 5- take 10 or more if you want them to be able to kill something-

06-05-2011, 06:57
Thanks for the advice russellmoo, I think I'll try out a unit of 5 and a unit of 10 with musician for a while and see how they do. What's your opinion on a good size for squig herds?

Dante blackfur
06-05-2011, 17:39
for squigs I like 40+ :D go go giant hopping things! it'll also give them a chance to actually reach your opponent with out getting shot up and exploding!

06-05-2011, 21:13
Thanks Dante, I was thinking along those lines too. Giant units of squiggly beasts is just too funny to pass up anyway!
So how many block units of Goblins/ Night Goblins do people normally field at about 2000pts? I'm thinking 1 hoarde of 70 and two deep units of 40-50, backed up by plenty of support to do the actual killing. Is that about right for an all Goblin army?

07-05-2011, 00:13
Pretty much.
There are alternate routes: like units of 100 (10 wide 10 deep) that are almost always steadfast and can dish out a whole bunch of attacks.
In fact, you probably shouldn't go horde unless you go about 10 deep as well I think...

Deep units are always good though. Pair 50 gobs with an arachnarok or some chariots and the enemy unit won't last long (usually).

As for the spiders. 5 and 10 are both good sizes but 10 is more reliable - it will almost definitely actually get to its destination, 5 might get blown away by turn 2.

hlaine larkin
07-05-2011, 17:23
I'd say squig hoppers > squig herds :)

07-05-2011, 17:55
i would suggest that you check out malorians battle reports. He usually fields 1-2 units of 100 night goblins with around 3 big bosses with great weapons. It seems to work well as long as you pass leadership tests but it won't happen so often that you fail them. Maybe you can think about taking some trolls. they are pretty good and don't ruin your concept.

hlaine larkin
07-05-2011, 17:57
the biggest tip is thus... take what you find fun, being an OnG is about being crazy and fun, not winning :)

07-05-2011, 18:20
the biggest tip is thus... take what you find fun, being an OnG is about being crazy and fun, not winning :)

especially when you play goblins :)

hlaine larkin
07-05-2011, 18:22
I have a friend who plays an entire goblin list, with lots of goblins and spearchukkas- which kill alot of stuff :P but fanatics and some cool things like spider riders, a couple of units of 10

08-05-2011, 05:42
Thanks for all the help guys. I'm definately in it for the lolz (why else would I pick Goblins?!) I just want to be able to stand a chance at the same time. I've been working on a 2000pt list with some friends. Sadly I ran out of points for chariots but they are the very next thing on the list to get.

Gobln Warboss- great weapon, armour of silvered steel, crown of command: 151

Goblin big boss- BSB, light armour, shield, standard of discipline: 79
Night goblin shaman: 50
Night goblin shaman –Lvl2: 85

30 Goblins- shields, full cmd, 3 stalkers: 165
90 Night Goblins- spears, shields, netters, standard, musician: 335
50 Night Goblins- shortbows, netters, standard, musician, 3 fanatics: 290
10 Spider riders- musician: 140

Squig herd- 10 herders, 25 squigs: 230
Spear chukka: 35
Troll: 35
Troll: 35

Doomdiver: 80
Arachnarok spider: 290

The general and BSB go in the small Goblin unit, with stalkers to push them back a rank to hopefully buy them time.

09-05-2011, 03:57
for squigs I like 40+ :D go go giant hopping things! it'll also give them a chance to actually reach your opponent with out getting shot up and exploding!

Sorry to divert from the main topic, but you would perhaps know the rules on how to field those Squig Herds. Are they kept in a loose formation, as skirmishers and herded monsters, or are they kept in rank-and-file formation, as infantry? The book doesn't show these things, I'm afraid.

hlaine larkin
09-05-2011, 06:14
IIRC they are skirmished