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03-05-2011, 09:11
Hey there, I'm thinking about starting 40k and was wondering if people could give me some tips on which race to use .. So far I have only played lotr / wotr and so this is new to me .. I have had a look at some of the models and I quite like the look of the tyranids ... What I am asking then is: what race do you prefer to use and would you recommend them to a beginner ?

03-05-2011, 09:20
Black reach is a good starting point as it contains two good armies as well as the rulebook. marines are probably the best army for a beginner but they don't have to be if you dont want them. I don't know anything about Tyranids so can't answer that part.

03-05-2011, 09:47
If you don't start the army you like the look of the most you'll probably regret it later and start them anyway, and maybe feel forced to sell of your starting force to afford it.

If you like the tyranids you should start a tyranid army, and not space marines or orks.

03-05-2011, 10:01
Tyranids have a fairly... 'subpar'... codex at the moment. It's not that you can't win with them, but they often force you to take options you may not want, stop you from taking the options you actually do want, make it needlessly complicated to outfit your forces, and then hit you in the face with really poorly explained (and designed, imho) rules. Still, if those are the ones you like, go for it.
Have you had a "testplay"? If not, my first advice would be to find someone who can give you one.
Other than that, potential armies:
Space Marines or their MANY variations (Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Dark Angels, Black Templars... and I suppose Grey Knights count these days as well): These are the typical starter armies, especially the "vanilla" variant. They've got great saves and a lot of flexibility, which makes them very forgivable to play with, meaning you can score some wins even as a new player.
Orkz: Orkz give you numbers, some crazy options, are the most open to conversion, and have a metric ton of character. The downsides are that you'll be taking them off the table by bucket(which can get depressing), and all those numbers can get a bit expensive (this is true of all horde armies).
Eldar/Dark Eldar: The "generals armies", the space elves are the least forgivable of the armies, having neither numbers nor saves to keep them going, meaning you WILL end up losing a lot until you "get them". The upside is that once you start winning, you'll know that you're actually winning by skill, rather than luck or because the army itself is superpowered.
imperial Guard: Fairly forgivable due to numbers, but those numbers also rack up the price pretty quickly. If you want a purely ranged (excluding Ogryns) horde army, these guys are where you should go. The downside is that they are generally considered a tad overpowered, which can lead to some sour moments, especially if you decide to play the really minmaxed lists.

Ultimately, you shouldn't actually go by "what the internet tells you".
Go with the army you think look/feel the best, buy yourself a codex and a battle force or two*, then get a small force together and go out there to play.
Whatever you do, don't ask us to help you with a list unless you're going to a tournament or something, as that will usually lead to us complaining about every single choice you've made, and remake it all from scratch, probably with a completely different playstyle and possibly using a completely different codex :shifty:
Also remember: Buying a full 1.5-2k points straight off just leads to premature boredom, as you end up unable to be arsed to even assemble all them darn kits, much less paint them. It's far better to start out with a small force - 1000 points or less, and then expand it once you've gotten the hang of it.

*Alternatively, switch one of them for 'Assault for Black Reach' if you're going Space Marine or Ork - note that this won't give you the full troop requirements, though, so you'll likely need to fill it up with a battle force anyway.

03-05-2011, 10:12
Play what you like. Don't let others tell you what to chose, what is nice, what sucks, etc. In the end you have to like them. And you also have to like their look. For example me, I have always and ever since only collected Eldar, no matter how much the current Codex had sucked or rocked. I like the models, so there I go. If you are not a power-gamer (ie. "I want to win by all costs"), then you should collect what you think looks cool.

Lord Gabranth
03-05-2011, 17:57
I have to agree with everyone here that if you dont get an army that you find to be the best looking to you, then you will regret it. Playing the game is only half of the hobby. Im personally not gonna buy an army that will win no matter what but that I hate painting, converting, or looking at (SW, BA, GK, imo. Model range lacks in conversions and once you have seen any of those armies, you have seen them all). So in short, get the army that you think you will have the most fun putting together, painting, and converting.

Metal Handkerchief
03-05-2011, 18:09
While I agree that you shouldn't tell new players to "pick something else" than they really want to play, this is an exception.

Stay away from Tyranids.

They are the one thing that will remain unplayable for the longest amount of time. They are something as rare as a brand new army that sucks.

On top of that, playing Nids as your first army in this edition and next will be an emotionally taxing and unforgiving experience, unless you genuinely relish losing. It will probably suck out your willpower to play any 40K...

If you like "evil" factions that are spiky and killy, I would say Dark Eldar would be more forgiving as a starting army (although they are challenging to play, at least you have a chance once you learn how to)

Or Necrons. But I would wait until they get their new codex, which is either very very soon, or late this year.

Sorry for being "that guy", but IMO it had to be said. You can only take the standard "pick what you like" phrase so far. I feel obligated to interject as steering you towards Tyranids without at least letting you know the challenges involved would just be wrong.

owen matthew
03-05-2011, 18:30
You can "pick what you like" in terms of both physical aesthetics of models, or also play style of an army.

Personally GW's models, while getting MUCH better in the recent years, are not so good that I am drawn to one army over another. I go for play style when I choose an army. But then, I am a gamer, so that approach makes quite a bit of sense to me. You sound like one as well; you might try looking into that method.

Side note. The tyranids are my favorite models in the GW line, and I had a very large army that I swept tourneys with. The new rules are so bad IMHO that I would not suggest a new player start with this army UNLESS they loved them so much that they just had to. I am actually on the way to the PO to send my nids to one of those guys right now... I am sorry to see them go.

04-05-2011, 04:25
If you like Nids, Go Nids. Just understand, it is going to be hard to paint all of them! There is a website that asks you a couple questions to tell you what race you should play based on your style. I can't remember the site, but google it. It did a good job at helping me choose my guys.(i chose before hand, but the test agreed with my choice.