View Full Version : 2400pts WOC Dragon Guard

03-05-2011, 10:18
Hi feedback will be greatly appreciated I’m open to any thing
Is for a up coming tournament

Core 45% not including dogs

Adviser Ryuu’s Warriors of the Dragon flame
18 Warriors of Chaos Khorne shields halberds musician standard bearer Banner of the eternal flame 364ts

Lord Draco’s Dragon Guard
19 Warriors of Chaos Tzeentch shields musician standard bearer Rapturous standard 362pts

King Pendragon's Followers
18 Warriors of Chaos shields halberds musician standard bearer Banner of Rage 359pts

Adviser Ryuu’s pet dogs
5 Warhounds XXpts
5 Warhounds XXpts
5 Warhounds XXpts
6 Warhounds XXpts 5%
Special 11%

Rare 14%
Hellcannon bringer of Doom and his tasty sidekicks the angry Dwarfs
1 Hellcannon XXXpts
Warshrine of the Dragon born
1 Warshrine XXXpts

Lords 18%
Adviser Ryuu Lord of Fire
Sorcerer lord Tzeentch disc Charmed Shield Armor of Destiny Tzeentch Blood of Third Eye of Tzeentch 440pts

Hero’s 17%
King Pendragon the Dragon King
Exalted hero Tzeentch disc Dragonhelm Potion of Foolhardiness halberd Talisman of Endurance Stream of Corruption 214pts

Lord Draco Dragon Commander
of BSB Exalted hero shield Tzeentch Talisman of Preservation Favour of the Gods halberd 199pts

Total 2399pts

Thinking of swapping a unit of Warhounds for mark of nurgle for the Banner of Rage unit could swap disc guy and some Warhounds for a unit of 6 tolls (the king’s wives)

Pleas give feedback thank you