View Full Version : Building 2200 Points of Tomb Kings

03-05-2011, 12:59
My entire TK army arrived in boxes yesterday. This is what I got.

64 Skeletons (archers, spearmen or HW/S)
8 Cavalry (Archers or Heavy)
6 Chariots
30 Tomb Guard (HW/S or Halberds)
2 Sphinx (Necrosphinx or WarSphinx or Tomb Prince Warsphinx)

With these models, I am thinking of building the following to start the frame work of my army:

20x Skeleton Archers
20x Skeleton Archers
8x Horsemen Archers
6x Chariots

30x Tomb Guard with HW/S


Tomb Prince/King on a Warsphinx

All of this comes to about 1600ish points. I normally play 2200 point games. I know I need a HLP but what else should I purchase to finish off the last 600 points?

03-05-2011, 13:12
You need something to take care of Warmachines, a unit of Stalkers or 2-3 bases Tomb Swarms will do this well. Or take both if you think you are facing Dwarfs or Empire. Scorpions are still good in WM hunting but Stalkers are more versatile and Bases a bit cheaper and harder to kill with a single WM.
A Casket of Souls can also take care of WMs. Additionally it grants you more PD and you can also take care of heavy armoured stuff and lone characters.
Maybe think about a TK/TP to add to your TG, you will have one spare from your two Sphinx kits.