View Full Version : First list, all Goblins 1500pt

03-05-2011, 20:09
Just getting back into Warhammer after a long break, so here's my first attempt at a list. I'm playing O&G with no Orcs, so it'll be pretty tricky but I'm sure the little fellas will do me proud with enough work.

Gobln Warboss- GW, armour of silvered steel
Goblin big boss- BSB, charmed shield, light armour
Night goblin shaman
Night goblin shaman –Lvl2
40 Goblins- shields, mus, std, 3 stalkers
70 Night Goblins- spears, shields, netters, mus, std, 2 fanatics
40 Night Goblins- shortbows, mus, std, 2 fanatics
15 Spider riders- musician: 205
Squig herd- 4 herders, 11 squigs: 100
2 Goblin wolf chariots: 100
Doomdiver: 80

The things I'm most unsure on are units sizes (enough squigs? Spider riders too big?) and if I've got enough damage dealers in the chariots and squigs. All advice welcome.

05-05-2011, 06:34
Any advice for a newbie anyone? Should I make room for trolls? I hear they're pretty good this edition.