View Full Version : 600pt tournament O&G list

04-05-2011, 19:16
Well my local store is having a 600pt tournament, Im thinking

Orc Warboss, 30pts in gear. thinking like a enchanted shield, and maybe a cheap weapon.
Night Goblin Big boss with great weapons x4

Night Goblins, spears, standard, nets x 36
Fanatics x3

Troll x1
Troll x1

Its got 3 units, can use the trolls to protect flank/redirect. fanatics should be effective at such a small point level, a big block with steadfast, 12 great weapon attacks from the goblins bosses, and with the fronts rank made up of 4 bosses, 1 warboss on the side, and a standard they are t5 with nets. should not die to easy. Might try to fit a ng bsb and swap out a great weapon and boss.

What do you guys think, see any huge flaws or things that would beat it with out much trouble. Remember its only 600pts