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31-03-2006, 00:46
Hi, here is my Man-Eater. I priced him from the Ostlander Ogre through some statistics and number crunching. He should be very balanced, but let me know what you think.

Ogre Maneater (130 gold crowns to hire + 40 gold crowns upkeep)

May be Hired: Any warband except Skaven may hire Ogre Maneaters.
Rating: An Ogre Maneater increases the warband's rating by 35 points plus 1 point for each Experience point he or she has.


6 4 4 5 4 3 3 4 8

Weapons and Armour: The Maneater is equipped with an Ogre Club (counts as a club, cannot be parried) and Light Armour. You may replace the Ogre Club with a Cathayan Longsword (+50 gold crowns, counts as a sword that gives +1 WS, +1 Initiative and -1 Armour Save) or a Great Weapon (+5 gold crowns). The Light Armour may be replaced with Heavy Armour (+30 gold crowns). The Maneater may be equipped with a Brace of Handguns (+70 gold crowns, counts as a Brace of Pistols with 24" Range for the Maneater, but otherwise as two Handguns).

Fear: The Maneater causes Fear.
Large: The Maneater is considered a Large Target.
Worldly: Maneaters have been everywhere and seen everything. They only gain advances at half the rate of everyone else (i.e. they must accrue twice as much experience as normal to get an advance).
Skills: Maneaters may choose from Strength skills when he or she gains new skills, or optionally may choose a maximum of one skill from each of the Combat, Shooting, Academic or Speed lists.

Maximum Profile

6 6 4 5 5 5 4 5 9

31-03-2006, 01:28
no badd at all, have you tried it out in a game yet?

31-03-2006, 02:13
I have actually. He is pricey, but is essentially the WFB Giant of Mordheim; a mercenary tank. Watch out for Handguns though!

Velkyn Kyil
31-03-2006, 15:10
The Worldly rule is a bit odd. Is there a way to define it better? As he is a Henchman he gains xp very slowly (1 per fight). There should be a way to keep track of his half-xp's.

And why can't his Ogre Club be parried? Is there some fluff reasoning I'm missing? A S4 hit isn't that hard...

31-03-2006, 15:27
I think the idea is that it's so big that even if you do put your weapon in the way in time it's not going to do much about the sheer size of it and soke of it is still going to hit you. Plus it's strength 5.

31-03-2006, 16:39
Stouty got it right, although you are right about the experience thing Velkyn. I will reword it to make more sense. That rule was brought in to make the Maneater work similarly to the Ostlanders Ogre (I'm just going to steal his wording now), as well as to represent the Maneater's prior experience (I mean this guy is a beast, it might be both a little unfair and a little illogical to let him gain experience as quick as other Hired Swords).

01-04-2006, 16:42
I have serious fluff issues with that ruleset. Maneaters of that class hire their services to armies, not mercanary warbands... even in ogres-only armies they are rare, heroic individuals. He wouldn't bother going to Mordheim, not with all full-scale wars going on in Old World. Ogres Moredheim warbands are likely to hire are young and beginning Maneaters, represented by Ogre Mercanary.

Velkyn Kyil
01-04-2006, 22:28
I don't see why you have to add that his attacks are un-parriable. There's already a rule in the Mordheim set that states if the attacks are made at a strength that is twice or more of your own, you can't parry. It's just an "unfair" advantage that I don't really see being at home here, as the regular ogre don't have this. They're equally big, no?

01-04-2006, 23:02
I never said I agreed with the rule, was just going with the thinking behind it. If the club added +1 strength it would be un-parry-able to most.

Fair fluff points made though, a lone man eater can beat back a small regiment. That's something every commander can respect and willl be willing to pay for. Seems like he could get better work as a mercenary what with them living in an age of war and all.

That is however, just based on fluff. From the ruleset point of view it seems pretty balanced.

02-04-2006, 06:59
Hi, interesting points, but lemme defend my ideas here. I was inspired by the Ogre clubs from the unofficial Ogre Kingdoms Warband (and I wanted to keep the Maneater pretty symmetrical to the ideas in that warband). Plus, this is no mere large club or great weapon, it's an Ogre Club. You'll notice that even in Warhammer Fantasy Battle they have special rules that are different than other weapons. Again, they aren't normal weapons, just look at some of the Maneater models, the clubs are usually statues of Sigmar hammers and, while they are too inelegant to do more than a S5 hit, the force behind them is undeniable. Here what I mean is that simple Strength value is not representative directly of what you can parry, since an Ogre club is too unwieldy to cause accurate wounds (imagine a boulder falling on you versus being run through by a sword). So bigness is rather a complicated issue.

Turalyon, I respect your ideas, but I don't find your argument to be proof that a Maneater would not be a mercenary for warbands. After all, in times of few wars, the opportunities and experiences possible in Mordheim must be theoretically luring to some Maneaters (who are just Ogres that have taken to adventuring, rather than the local Ogres that are already in Mordheim). You are right, an Ogre would probably rather be in an army, but this does not logically or otherwise preclude working for warbands during off seasons (plus Mordheim is no ordinary destination).

Lol thanks for your defense Stouty ; )