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31-03-2006, 02:21
He all!:p The Messenger has returned in a 3000point game, as usual I appreciate all help and suggestions to this list. let us begin.


Kahrith, the messenger of sorrows: Exalted, GW, barded steed, Gaze of the gods= 150points
Nayla: lvl2, 2x dispel scrolls= 170points
Vineye: exalted, berserker sword, enchanted shield= 150points
Vershak: Bray shaman lvl2 MoS, Bray staff, chaos armor, power dice, spell familiar= 160points
Ruxdef: lvl2, 2x dispel scrolls

Core units:

2x chariots of Tzeentch= 280points
5x chaos knights: Standard bearer, champion= 205points
5x knights of Khorne: Standard bearer, champion, MoK= 250points
5x marauder horsemen: Musician, flails= 81points
5x marauder horsemen: musician, flails= 81points
24x marauders: FC, hand weapons, shields, light armor= 193points
18x Warriors of Chaos: Halberds, FC, warbanner= 343points

Special units:

10x furies= 150points
5x screamers= 165points
15x daemonettes of Slaanesh= 225points

Rare units:
3x dragon ogres: GWs, light armor= 237points
1x Hell Cannon= 270points

So what da ya all think?:evilgrin:

31-03-2006, 06:59
I take it all the characters bar the brayshaman are undivided?

The beserker sword on a foot character limits him a little. The usual modus operandi is to mount him on a chariot or large based monster to maximise the number of models in base to base thus boosting his attacks proportionately. If he's only getting a single additional attack per round the sword of battle is cheaper.

Other than that the only thing I'd be twitchy about is that you've got a few very expensive units - its a relatively small army for 3000 pts. Depending upon your opponent, you may come to regret that. Artillery and shooting could be a problem. Certainly any ranged units need to be your priority for the flyers and fast cavalry. Your magic defence should be fine 4 dispel scrolls should be enough to fend off even two level 4 mages for two turns. After that you should be beating them about the head with big sticks.

31-03-2006, 17:39
Yes, all the characters aside from the bray shaman is undivided. I intentually have the Exalted on foot so that he may jouin the marauders and with a 2+armor save and 4+S5 attacks, and the marauders' numbers, there will be little that will stand up to this unit. As for magic defence, I have 5dispel dice (the knights of khorne remember?) and 4x scrolls! And as for my reason for my Slaaneshi sorcerer, it is to bait (I am sure you heard of the illusion spell) the enemies in for my warriors and chariots to tear apart, and as you can see most my army is fast, which will mean that I will be able to get in close real quick.