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07-05-2011, 08:16
Hi to all!

After I painted a good Stuff for my Khemri I try to put it all into a List.

We play 2k, my opponents are all tourney proved, so I'm the noob who need a strong list at least :-).

I want to go magic heavy, so that I have enought otpions to make shure that I will give my opponent at least up to three spells he dont't want go go through, so that in the end I can count on at last one comes through.

So here's my first try, what do you think?

King (general, -> skelett warriors), blade of anrahtarak, magic shield, dragon stone, (230)

High Priest (hierophant -> skelett warriors), level 4 (nehekhara), Neferras printings, scrolls of mighty calling (260)

Prince (->charriots), speer, shield, charriot, dragonhelm, potion of speed (169)

Priest (->skelett warriors), level 2 (nehekhara), enery-stone, Enhkils Kanope (150)

Necrotect (skelett warriors), siversteal armour, lucky-stone (110)

36 skelett warriors (horde formation), speer, shield, light armour, champ, standard bearer (236)

5 charriots, champ, standard bearer, banner of eternal flame (305)

Hierotitan (175)

Warsphinx with fire-breath (230)

Cascet (135)

I'm a little bit afrait of Imps and their cannons, but otherwise I think it's not that bad, what do you think?

07-05-2011, 10:54
Your title says its a 3K list. Your description says 2K. :)

I think you are character heavy. A king, HLP, necrotext, LP and prince? A bit overkill there. I think you dont have the troops anymore with that many characters.

Also you got a HLP level 4, a LP level 2 the casket AND a hierotitan. Something tells me that is a bit overkill when it comes to the winds of magic.

Your hiero is also in a fighty unit, meaning he gets to melee. If would focus my melee attacks on him and simply slay him and it doesn't look like he has any protection.

That skeleton unit has a lot of characters anyway. :)

07-05-2011, 13:31
2k, jes, I was to fast on the 'send' button, and you cold'nt change the title later on :-).

Hell yes, very character heavy, I'm new to this edition and have never played much WHFB (comming more from 40), but I always loved TKs :). I want to try how good a maxed out magic can be with Tomb Kings. I speculate on the ward save for my skelleton unit. And I don't know how to protekt the Hirrophant properly. My Idear is to run this formation as a horde (10 wide), the Hierophant on one corner. And then I hope to maneuver in a way that he could'nt come into contact with the enemy. The idear is that I can break every enemy formation with the skellis and the warsphinks. But perhaps this is only a card-house.
Tomory I have a game with this list, I will tell you here how it comes out. I go against skave, btw. :-).