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31-03-2006, 13:57
close combat wood elf army with mininal (if none) shooting
I was planning to do one cause my mate reakons wood elf are :cheese:
because most people stay back and shoot. If so how did it go?

Your Mum Rang
31-03-2006, 14:00
My list has no shooting other than Stangleroot and magic missiles. TBH of WE players stand back and shoot they aren't using the list to its best.

Mine has a Treeman Ancient, Branchwraith, Spellsinger, 9 x 8 Dryads, 3 x 8 Wardancers, 5 Wild Riders and a Great Eagle. In theoryhammer it would do well.

31-03-2006, 14:03
I use a list that has 20 Archers, plus 5 Glade Riders...

The thing is, elf charcters come with a bow, warhawks riders, get a bow...it's what elfs do...

Although as YMR says, if all you do is sit back and shoot, there's something wrong. You should be coordinating your shooting with multiple charges, with your dryads, and wild riders, using your warhawks to hit and run enemy artillery, eagels and warhawks for fast flanking moves....

Shooting should only be a part of the plan...

Alex Under
31-03-2006, 14:17
The great thing about WE is that each WE player goes his own way. As I can see, YMR goes for CC armies, combining charges, others like myself, prefere to use a combination of shooty and CC units, others go for very shooty units and some go for boring but real cheese armies, like a branchwraith and 120 dryads or a noble and 120 GG and stuff like that...

31-03-2006, 14:21
sorry Im new and i dont understand these abbreviations
i assume TBH means to be honest?
wats YMR?

31-03-2006, 14:25
Sorry, that was me being to lazy to type Your Mum Rang...the name of the previous poster...

31-03-2006, 14:32
lol I see...

31-03-2006, 14:38
A CC wood elf army is perfectly viable it just requires a keen tactical sense to use successfully. It can be somewhat unforgiving of mistakes and bad luck though. My top tip would be to work out in your head what your target's combat resolution is before you declare a charge. Compare that with what your AVERAGE damage would be against that unit and make your decisions based on that information. I see too many Wood Elf players look on in horror as their dryad units charge the front of a rank unit only to lose because of static CR. Key things for you to remember:

1. Flank/rear charges are key
2. Skirmishers don't remove rank bonuses for flank or rear charges
3. Fast cavalry do

31-03-2006, 20:36
Yeah I think wood elf lists work alot better with just a couple units of archers. Dryads, Wardancers and Eternal Guard are too good to not use lots of ;)

31-03-2006, 20:50
I use a balance of shooting and combat, 30 glade guard, 5 way watchers, 5 glade riders and 3 warhawk riders in 2000, plus characters. But with that still have 6 wild riders, 2 x 8 dryads, 2 x 8 war dancers an eagle and 4 hero choices.

For the upcoming conflict doubles tournaments myself and nexus plan on using 2 wood elf forces, with 20 shots, 10 of which are glade guard and thats at 1000 pts, and still has 2 x 10 dryads, 5 glade riders, 3 war hawks, 6 wild riders and 2 characters plus unit upgrades.

But yes, a wood elf army can still be very good with just combat and magic, but in my opinion any elf army should have shooting, wood elves especially even if just for taking off some rank bonus for some units that your fast cav cant get too.

31-03-2006, 21:30
Archers also act as a "fake battleline" for your opponent to head towards.

Asrai archers can also move and shoot, combined with strength 4 short range they`re the only archers you`ll ever move forwards...

My list is currently


Aemraseph, High Warden *Joins Wardancers - 290
General, Wardancer Kindred, Blades of Loec, Annoyance of Netlings, Amaranthine Brooch


Marduss, Acolyte of Willow - 150
Level II, Longbow, Hail of Doom Arrow

Sabriel, Acolyte of Oak - 175
Level II, Longbow, Dispel Scroll, Dispel Scroll


10 Glade Guard - 120

10 Glade Guard - 120

10 Dryads - 120

10 Dryads - 120

10 Dryads 120

5 Glade Riders - 129


8 Wardancers 150

6 Wild Riders - 174
Standard, Musician

6 Wild Riders - 174
Standard, Musician

4 Treekin - 260


6 Waywatchers 144

2250pts 88 Models

Playtesting has proven the worth of a combined arms approach. :angel: (:cheese: ?)