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teh unforgiven
10-05-2011, 15:22
My first list that fits stuff I have (or will have, still waiting my order to come) Im also having both sphinxes and 2 colossus, so if you have ideas please make it fit my models, or atleast keep it close.


King, golden deathmask, shield
Lvl 4 HLP, cloak of the dunes


Prince, GW, armour of silvered steel
Lvl 2 priest, lore of death


30 skellies, light armour, full command
20 archers, champ, standard
3 chariots, full command


25 TG, full command, BOTUL


Casket of souls
SSC, skulls of the foe
SSC, skulls of the foe

That should be 1997p
Plan is to put king in TG and prince in skellies.
Priests will go to archers and HLP will fly aroud when needed.
Skellies will be 'anvil' and 'cheap and maybe tough with WS5 and some magic'
TG and chariots will be my 'hard hitters'
King tryes to maximise effectives of deathmask.
SSC and casket provide 'fire base' and try to be more effective with deathmask.
And as always all tips, tricks and comments are welcome.


teh unforgiven
13-05-2011, 14:08
I know there are many TK lists around, but I really need help here..

13-05-2011, 14:14
I think you are overdoing it on the characters. Lots of characters is a previous book thing. This leaves you with not enough actual troops.

Skeletons tend to crumble fast in anything lower then 30, but I would really recommend taking a unit of 40.

Having your hierophant fly around with no ward save as a lone model might be dangerous. The cloak has offensive capabilities, so I am going to assume you won't just let him stick back.

Double SotF catapults is nice. Like that combined with the mask. Haven't used the mask myself just yet.

Overall you appear to me to just not have enough units to last.

13-05-2011, 14:44
Your King is going to die. He has no defense whatsoever and is going in your big hammer unit. Once he dies, your TG will be much less effective. The TG are solid, BotUL is golden on them.

If you want the Death Mask (which is great) try at least getting him a decent ward save, GW and Dragonbane Gem or the Dragonbane Helm or something. You need that 2+ ward against flaming attacks since you are planning to fire your SSCs at units close to him.

Cloak of the Dunes is a little costly and it's more of an offensive tool now. Take a ward save or Earthing Rod for the points, and maybe a dispel/power scroll.

Drop the armour on the skellies. It's just not worth increasing the point cost by 25% to gain a 5+ AS. You are better off having more models.

Skulls of the foe is *really* expensive now. Those points could be used to go with something for WM hunting or outflanking. A unit of 2 swarms for instance.

Just my opinions, of course :)

13-05-2011, 21:37
Ditch the Prince and get a Necrotect instead (naked), drop the Cloak and take a 4+ ward instead, ad with remaining points get the King the Dragonhelm and Light Armour. Lastly I'd ditch the Skeletons' LA and the two SoTF, and use the points to first get three more TG, and then put the rest into more Skeletons.