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Lunnie Logic
10-05-2011, 17:51
I wanted a chariot heavy list so here goes.

Tomb King - 296pts
Chariot, Golden Death Mask of Kharnut, Dragonhelm, Great Weapon

Liche Priest - 105
Level 2

5 Chariots - 265
Full Command
*Tomb King goes in here

6 Chariots - 315
Full Command

19 Archers - 144
Full Command
*Liche goes here

30 Skeletons - 120

30 Skeletons - 120

40 Skeletons - 160


3 Sepulchral Stalkers 165


Harotitan 175

Casket of Souls 135

Figured since I'm only having a Lv 2 Titan and COS would be a welcome boost to my magic phase and the general idea is to tarpit the opponent untill my chariots can manuver in for the kill. Stalkers go after warmachines or light units etc. Any thoughts?

Von Wibble
10-05-2011, 18:51
Looks OK to me. I'd always thought the Heirotitan was better off in armies with more wizards to benefit from his +d3 to cast, but of course those extra wizards end up using the power for his bound spells so that balances out.

Presumably your skeletons have no extra equipment and full command?

I'd certainly try the list for a game or 2 than tweak it if necessary.

Lunnie Logic
10-05-2011, 19:06
Just intending the skeletons to hold things up so I didn't want to waste points upgrading them, and didn't have any points for command groups. Would it be worth dropping some in order to get them? I'm not expecting to win combat with them. Just tarpit a few units.

With the dice I'm generating and bonuses I get I'd be expecting to come out ontop in the magic phase and pull off most of my spells.

11-05-2011, 02:51
Tomb Kings need heavy magic to be effective. Get that High Liche Priest in there at all costs!

11-05-2011, 12:23
Tomb Kings need heavy magic to be effective. Get that High Liche Priest in there at all costs!

I'm not so sure about that any more... quite a few troops are able to hold their own in combat and leadership values are such that even losing your hierophant in turn 3 does not spell immediate doom to your army anymore - especially with a ld. 10 TK in there. TK Magic is usefull, but I dont think it is indispenable anymore...