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10-05-2011, 18:35
This was to be a friend of mines final warm up game before he went to a tournament at the weekend, he was after the Elf Slayer award after finding out his first game was to be Dark Elves so he wanted a try against my Wood Elves who had yet to be used this edition.

I had to make a list on what I had as my army is usually only 2000 points, here is what i went for;

Lv4 - [Life] Wand of Wych Elm
BSB - Stone of Rebirth, Sword of Might
Branchwraith - Radiants, Netlings

28 Archers - FC
12 Dryads - Champ
6 Glade Riders - FC
8 Way Watchers -
5 Dancers -
5 Dancers -
5 Dancers -
6 Treekin -
Treeman -

His list was roughly this;

Lvl4 - [Heavens], Enchanted Shield, Puppet
Disk Exalted - Eye, Flail, Charm Shield
BSB - Tzeentch, 4+ Ward, Biting Blade

16 Chosen - Halberds, Shields, Khorne, FC, Favour, Blasted
16 Warriors - Halberds, Shields, Nurgle, FC, Banner of Rage
16 Warriors - 2 Hand Weps, Khorne, Burning Banner, FC
15 Warriors - Tzeentch, Shields, +1LD Banner, FC
5 Dogs -
Hellcannon -

I really dont rate Wood Elves this edition so figured I would be in for a very rough game. This happened about a week ago and I have had other games since so this will just be a quick recap.

From the Woods they Emerge

I deployed my Waywatchers behind some rocks in his depo zone on his left flank to try and shoot down those 2 hand wep Warriors.

He marched into my lines taking a little damage from my Archers and losing quite a few to the Waywatchers. He was making good use of Wind Blast by knocking my small skirmishing units into each other to cause quite a bit of damage.

His Hellcannon misfired first turn but put a S10 shot on my Archers killing 10, after this he just ran it forwards.

We ended up with a massive combat on my left flank, Hellcannon and Nurgle Warriors fighting my Treekin in the front whilst I had my Riders in the flank of that Cannon.

It was all going great for me, I reduced the Nurgle unit to 1 man and they fled but then the Cannon manages to not take a single wound from my Treekin in a turn, smash 5 Riders with 5 attacks, wiping them out and breaking my Treekin and running them down...

Dance of Death

Elsewhere 2 Wardancers, all that was left from a wind blasted unit, charged into his Tzeentch block with Sorc Lord. One of them Killing Blowed his Sorc whilst the other did the same to his unit champ. They died in return but it was a glorious death!.

Tree Smash!

In the centre my Treeman had Flesh to Stone cast on it and charged the Chosen. It smashed a load of them with its attack and thunder stomp and suffered no damage in return, I did enough to get rid of his ranks which meant no steadfast and a broken and ran down unit of Chosen.

He then went on to smash into the flank of the Tzeentch block who had turned to face the threat of another Dancer unit expecting the Chosen to hold [as they did have the BSB with the Chosen]. He smashed that unit too and also ran those down.

Merry Dance!

My intact Dancers [who had lured the Tzeentch block and allowed my Treeman that flank charge], along with my Waywatchers had led the Khorne unit on a merry dance, they had to keep turning so as to not allow the Dancers to charge their flank whilst my Watchers kept shooting them, I couldnt wipe them out in the end but it kept them out of the game.

Disk Fiend Falls

His Disk Rider had darted away from my Waywatchers early in the game to avoid Killing Blow but he had landed in charge range of my Dryads, they charged him, my Wraith challenged. Despite needing 6's to hit and me having a Ward Save he killer her, then broke the whole unit!.

He then started advancing on my 20 remaining Archers with BSB and Wizard Lord. They turn ready to unleash 21 shots and a Hail of Doom arrow from my Wiz Lord but before they do, he Miscasts and blasts 14 of my Archers down as he is sucked into the Warp, also denying me my Hail of Doom!. So the Disk Rider charges into my now magic ravaged unit.

My BSB steps up to challenge him, we do a wound to each other but I win thanks to my 2 banners, the Exalted is broken and eventually ran down by my remaining Wardancer unit.

At the end of the game he has just his wounded Hellcannon and 5 Khorne Warriors against my Waywatchers, 5 Dancers, 5 Archers, BSB and Treemain.

Result - Victory to the Wood Elves!

Post Game Thoughts

That went pretty great to be honest besides the Miscast and his great use of Wind Blast. He found it hard to pin my units down and couldnt deal with the Treeman, he mainly picked up points from that Hellcannon combat which my Treekin should have easily won in the end but for some bad rolling.

I was impressed with the Wood Elves, I am starting to think and all skirmishing list with Scouts, Watchers and Dancers may work pretty well.

11-05-2011, 12:28
Good to see WE pull a win. I still have them as my main army and they suffer significantly in 8th. The lack of ranked preferably low cost infantry hurts although my main problem is all these T5-T8 monsters that are running amok on the battlefields from the later army books. In the majority of my games I end up playing against hydras, hellpit abdominations, furnaces and now various TK constructs. One of these I can usually deal with using hail of doom and lots of glade guards but more then one and it is really hard.

As for WoC most chosen I face also have at least one warshrine (meaning that they have a 3+ ward, extra attacks, extra strenght/toughness or whatever the opponent wants to have)

My opponent usually ignores my dancers unless they are close to a character. Warriors will often kill them also when dancers are in the flank (and even better when they are in the rear).

11-05-2011, 14:05
Another battle won by the absolutely unwinnanble losers of the woods...go figure :p
Just proves that Wood Elves can be still challenging despite the general consesnsus.

11-05-2011, 15:21
To be fair, the treekin did most of the work.

The dancing assassins did their job, but I'd expect that next time he'll have the item that makes him immune to KB.

12-05-2011, 19:06
To be fair, the treekin did most of the work.

The dancing assassins did their job, but I'd expect that next time he'll have the item that makes him immune to KB.

Ya is not immune item kinda cheap $$?
Treespirits are like the saving grace of the army + Life to heal.
Further it will a great day when the WE codex gets updated and everything Goes down in points- maybe even plastic treekin!!

15-05-2011, 17:05
It's been easily a year if more since I tried my wood elves but I am getting the itch. I was considering a similar list with all dryads and treekin. Our local WoC player has had a good run and I think it'd be sweet to cut him down with a 'weak" army likee we's. :)

16-05-2011, 21:04
cool beans!

I guess you surprised him a bit, taking him out with the outdated treehuggers (and indeed some hugging trees for that matter)

16-05-2011, 23:37
Sweetness! I really like the list, and gratz on the great rep and the great win!