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12-05-2011, 11:39
im going up against a friends vampire point army with my lizardmen, and obviously taking a slann both playing 3K. what out of these two lores should i take?? any other help would be greatly appreciated too like what magic items/disciplines

thanks in advanve

12-05-2011, 11:45
Life Best lore for the Slann IMHO

With Full Lore and +1 Dice per spell cast only disciplines you need

Item wise alll i tack is cuped hands and a BSB for the slann

But out of Fire and Light i would go Light every time :)

Spiney Norman
12-05-2011, 11:47
Definitely light, its not only designed to hurt undead, but the augment spells are great to cast on saurus units as they help boost their slow movement and initiative. M8 Saurus with ASF are very scary. Net of Amyntok is also a ridiculously good spell, esp if you cast it on a unit containing a wizard.

If it were me I'd go with 3 disciplines; becalming cog, focused rumination and focus of mystery, then give him the cupped hands and away you go. Battle standard is a matter of taste, it does make your TG all but unbreakable, but bear in mind if they do run from combat the slann will automatically die. Becalming cog will make his magic phase miserable and reduce the number of new zombie units that will keep popping up.

Note, always, always, always put your slann in a temple guard unit

12-05-2011, 13:45
Out of the two I would say light for sure.

However I think life or even death would be a lot better.

12-05-2011, 13:52
I agree with Mal, Light if you are hellbent on taking one of those. Youre not meant to tailor the lores with who you are playing though, you are meant to take one lore with the army list and stick with it!

12-05-2011, 15:10
ill probably end up going with light then, the games will be the first for me in 8th edition and wanted to use my old army. my opponent however is a very competent gamer but also a great friend so its just going to be a simple game with a beer over the night to teach me about the new tactics etc, so i would really say its tailoring to use at a friendly level. what is so special about life when playing vampires?? and again with death is it just for the one super spell to hopefully destroy his units?? or is the support needed??

12-05-2011, 15:22
Light with saurus bricks armed with spears is one of the most amazing lores you can take. Speed of light takes everything that is BAD about saurus and makes it better than every other army.

My Light saurus have sheared through warriors of chaos, chosen, and the elitist elven combat units inside of a round.

Life has proven to me to be overrated outside of dwellers and throne. Dudes with T4 and a 4+ armor don't need help surviving, they need help killing due to their I1 and ws 3

12-05-2011, 15:27
Life has proven to me to be overrated outside of dwellers and throne. Dudes with T4 and a 4+ armor don't need help surviving, they need help killing due to their I1 and ws 3

Initiative means nothing most of the time. It really doesn't matter who strikes first as long as you have enough models to strike back.

A lot of armies also have great weapon hordes that laugh at T4 and 4+ save, but even without that flesh to stone could easily be rewritten to say "Cast on a friendly. Until the casters next magic phase this unit will win every combat and suffer no losses." It's a game winner plain and simple.

12-05-2011, 15:31
Yeah, Thats why everyone whose ever faced life lizards in my environment saves their dispel dice for that particular spell.

And I1 does make a difference, its the difference between striking before things like trolls, and other monsters, and things like trolls getting their full attacks against the unit because you strike simultaneously. Its going second to savage orc biguns with addl hand weapon. Its going after peoples sub 20 units of chaos warriors and giving them 2 rounds of full supporting rather than 1. Its a lot more subtle, but it does play a role.

Edit: it's also the ability to bubble purple sun/pit of shades protection onto your I1 lizards.

12-05-2011, 15:38
The slann can cast a lot of spells thanks to the extra dice.

Do you stop the throne? If you don't then he can for for IF on whatever he want and either ignore or pass on the miscast.

Do you stop regen? If you don't then you're only going to kill half as much as you expected to (and lose combat).

Do you stop flesh to stone? If you don't then you're not going to kill much at all (and lose combat).

Do you stop dwellers? If you don't then your unit will be ripped in half and you risk losing characters (and lose combat).

Lore of life is FULL of awesome spells. I agree that not all of them are instant game winners like flesh to stone, but you can't just concentrate on 1 and ignore the rest.

I don't know about you, but in competitive play I see a lot more hordes of infantry than monsters, and even if it is a horde of monsterous infantry you aren't really going to reduce the attacks back by that much.

It's certainly a nice thing to have, but compared to flesh to stone (if one can be stopped so can the other) it's not even in the same league.

12-05-2011, 19:25
I find that Lore of life is definitely the way to go for Lizards ... my personal favorite is death (overall) but again were i to use Lizardmen, i see no reason to take any lore besides life on my slann.

12-05-2011, 19:32
Go with Light I have had good games with it and my Lizzies, its a bit more of a none auto choice in what to cast like life but it will make those saurus blocks hold there own in most combats and get you into some great positions with M8 Saurus and other benifits ie WS, I, Damage all in all Light is alot of fun and a good change up from the over done Life Lizzies.