View Full Version : tomb kings spell question

12-05-2011, 19:53
hi all, just need to double check something. the tomb kings army has a spell that grants +1A to models in a unit (or multiple units) am i right in thinking this still doesnt allow them to make more than one attack each from ranks behind the first?? ie the supporting attacks rule is still in effect? dont have the book so cant tell if its exempt (wouldnt surprise me really).

Not a word to the elf.
12-05-2011, 19:54
Yes I am afraid that the supporting attack rule is still in affect.

12-05-2011, 20:16
There are two situations where it can help; in the case of Necropolis Knights and Sepulchral Stalkers, they are each allowed up to three attacks from rear ranks due to being Monstrous, and are each able to make only two due to their profiles.