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12-05-2011, 23:07
So seeing as lizardmen rate at a 17 on the army scale, you could potentially make one of the best steamroller lists in 8th ed. (not the best, i want no flame war, is why i said one of), what would you guys throw down if you wanted an all purpose, WAAC, 2500 point, Lizardmen force?

I have tried the search option but, got nothing from the link, saying its down. So I apologize in advance if I'm performing an act of necromancy and in summary, may I please have a :wtf::cheese: list? :D

Dante blackfur
13-05-2011, 03:31
First off, Arnt there inly 14 armies? how can LM be 17th? but regardless, they are an awesome army and alot of fun to play. they only have a few competitive builds but they work great here is my list i like to run, for your pts lvl.

Slann Mage priest W/ BSB, Warbanner Powerscroll, focus of Mastery, the focused ruiniation, Lore of life = 420 pts (This is both the general and BSB)
40 skinks, W/ FC, 5 kroxigors = 497 pts
40 skinks, W/ FC, 5 kroxigors = 497 pts
40-50 Templeguard W/FC, Banner of Eternal flame = 685-845
x1 Salamander Hunting pack W/ extra handler = 80 pts
x1 Salamander Hunting pack W/ extra handler = 80 pts

This leaves you with 80-240 pts for spare stuff, extra units/upgrades/characters ect ect. use life make the temple guard ungodly, and walk through everything. modify as need for you meta game. :) hope this helps!

13-05-2011, 06:19
Each army is scored from 0-100, 0 being best, each point recieved is against it, one of two with the rating in 8th ed, am messaging buddy on crackbook for it. I had a link awhile back it was connected to 2010 Ard' Boyz.

13-05-2011, 10:04
Where can I find these scores?


13-05-2011, 10:22
Not that i am championing WAAC lists or anything but its quite easy for Lizards:

Slaan w. +1Dice/Spell, Loremaster (Light), Cupped Hands of the old Ones
2+ Blocks of Sarus
1x Block of Temple-Guard
2+ Units of Salamanders
2+ Units of Skink Skirmishers (or Chamelion Skinks)

Other Heroes/Stegadon to taste.

13-05-2011, 16:28
The list I'm planning on taking to the next no comp UK tournament (either summer incursion or Throne of Skulls) is this- a bit of fun, will have some bad match ups but will also remove armies through sheer volume of shots. Needs some fine-tuning, but:

Heavens frog, BSB, Standard of Discipline, Cupped Hands, Bane Head, Becalming, Ruminating, Soul of Stone, Loremaster

Priest with a scroll

Scar-Vet, cold one, light armour, Burning Blade, Dawnstone, Charmed Shield

Scar-Vet, cold one, light armour, great weapon, dragonhelm, firefly venom, amulet of itzl

Scar-Vet, cold one, light armour, spear, maiming shield, other tricksters shard, luckstone

10x 10 skink skirmishers

20 Temple Guard, full command, flaming banner

2x6 chameleons

2 single sallies

Fully abuses scar-vets on cold ones, who are absurdly good. Lizards are bent enough as it is without being able to take these characters...

13-05-2011, 18:19
Where can I find these scores?


I have asked a friend for the link last night, he said he would email it to me so will post when it is in my inbox.