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13-05-2011, 12:55
Going for a feral/spidery theme. The NGs are painted in camouflage colours to go with the them.

3 Medium sized blocks and some support. Any glaring misstakes? Trying to stick to theme and I have yet come up with a good way of doing feral BOs...

Lord: 290
Savage Orc Great Shaman (Lvl 4, Shrunken Head, Fencers Blades, ) = 290

Hero: 470
Savage Orc Big Boss (Boar, Shield, Spear, Armour of Destiny) = 145 (General)

Savage Orc Big Boss (BSB, Armour of Silvered Steel, Luckstone, GW) = 154

Goblin Big Boss (Gigantic Spider, Spear, Light armour, Enchanted Shield, Dragonbane Gem) = 91

NG Shaman (Dispel Scroll, Ironcurse Icon) = 80

Core: 660
5xSpider Riders = 65

5xSpider Riders = 65

49xNG (Hand Weapon, Standard, Netters,) = 212

28xSavage Orc Big Uns (Standard, Extra Choppa) = 318

Special: 538
9xSavage Orc Boar Boyz (Spear, Shield, Standard, Standard of D) = 223

9xTrolls = 315

Rare: 290
Archnorok = 290

Im considering dropping two trolls for 2 GW Big Bosses, is that a good idead. Would run my trolls 4 wide in that case, as of now I run them either 5 wide or 3x3...

Wade Wilson
13-05-2011, 13:23
You could reduce the trolls a little bit, split them into 2 units and get another goblin boss on gigantic spider. Then have 2 nasty evil units of trolls with a decentish Ld to avoid stupidity thanks to the goblin bosses?

13-05-2011, 16:09
Hmm, that is probably not a bad idea, 2 units of 5 trolls each with a Gigantic Spider Boss...would need to find 126pts for that, not sure what to drop tho. The first thing that comes to mind is the NG Shaman and a unit of Spider riders.
OR I could drop the General and just take 10 SOBBs and the Eternal Flame Banner, thats 128 pts...Would mean that my general and the BSB is stuck in the same unit with M4 tho.
Its a though call, I will definetly do it for my 2500pt list.

14-05-2011, 08:09
I quite like it the way it is - shame there are no Forest Goblins on foot option (BIG MISTAKE GW! You should have made them!)

My only thing I'd change is I'd drop a single troll, keep them 4 wide, add the boss in, and boost my level 1 to level 2! Use the 10pts to grab a musician on boar boyz in case I need to do a swift reform for whatever reason.

Level 2 NG would come in handy as you can then take the signature spell of awesomeness and hope his 2nd spell is also a good one - little waaagh rocks!