View Full Version : Doubles tournament list: Dwarves and High Elves

13-05-2011, 20:38
This is for the Doubles tournament in Nottingham next weekend. So far my friend and I haven't been having much luck; pretty much every Dark Elf list we've met has handed it to us. Advice appreciated!

My list:
Runesmith (General). Shield with RO stone, talisman with MRO Balance, Axe with RO Fire
20 Warriors, GW, Scouts, Std
10 Quarellers, GW, Std
29 Hammerers, Heavy armour, Great weapons, Std, Mus
Cannon, RO Forging, RO Fire.

His list:
Level 3 mage (General) with +1 spell staff. Shadow magic.
12 Bowmen, std
12 Bowmen, std
14 Swordmasters, std, Banner of Eternal Flame
14 Swordmasters, std, Standard of Discipline
2 Eagles

We originally went with more artillery and a smaller unit of Hammerers, but the list became too static. So I've gone for a Hammerer hoard to (hopefully) draw enemy fire away from the swordmasters instead. I'm still not totally convinced on this: I *could* take 500 points of war machines and drop the hammerers entirely.


16-05-2011, 12:24
id suggest keeping it as it is. if you focus all your points on fire power like dat you will have too strong an army in one phase and weak as heck in every other phase. you can go with the all or nothing approach and hope that you play certain types of armies but its a lot to bet on. i try to plan for as much as possible so i am equipped to deal with any nasty suprises

18-05-2011, 10:07
What problems are you running into against darkelves? and in which scenarios?

The use of artillery could be limited, as the points for characters on monsters and other big gribbly things are fairly limited - no dragons, steam tanks, etc. Giants, Hydras and Hellpits are the most upsetting things I can see appearing. On the other hand, anything with templates might work well - given the size of units has gone up this edition.

As it is, I personally am worrying about facing a list like that. It's a really balanced list with answers for most things - certainly you have the magic offence and defence covered between the two armies, you have enough units to control movement even with the slower dwarfs, and both armies have some scary (for different reasons) combat troops, and decent amounts of shooting + war-machine hunting (the cannon, and the eagles)

Blood & Glory - I'd expect you to win by default, sooo many banners!
Watchtower - it's never going to be fun shifting stubborn dwarfs or elves from a building - sticking the hammerers in there (nice large unit to soak up ranged damage)
Random deployment (forget the name) - characters can join each others units, and you have enough of them!
Battle for the Pass - might be a bit tight to manoeuvre that number of units, and maintain sight lines for your ranged units, but nobody is going to escape your combat units

For an army that looks quite basic at first, it's actually very capable. The only thing that I can think of is a second cannon, incase the first one blows up or gets killed.