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14-05-2011, 01:16
Soo...my salary has arrived, but I can only afford one box of stuff for the foreseeable future

So which of the new Tomb Kings units should I get? Which do you think would benefit my army the most?

I have:
6 chariots, 4 ushabti, 1 bone giant, 1 scorpion, 1 casket, 4 carrions, 2 tomb swarms, 1 catapult, 25 old tomb guard models, about a hundred skeleton warriors/bowmen, and about 24 or so cavalry models, which I'd rather not count due to never being used.

I also have 2 prince models (one in chariot), 1 icon bearer (in chariot), 2 liche priest (one on steed), and a Khalida (played as either a priest or a necrotect) and Settra.

I mostly go up against chaos, orchs, high elves and lizardmen, and very seldom win (though I've only played one game in the new edition thus far). I don't want to win at all costs, we play for fun, but I do want to win every once in a while...I guess my biggest problem is dealing with big blocks of elite infantry. Chaos Knights and stegadons are also a pain, but I used to find ushabtis and tomb kings (with the flail of skulls which is sadly not available anymore :cries:) could deal with them at least adequately.

So what would you suggest for me?

Some quick thoughts:

- The Necrosphinx could help deal with stegadons, heavy cavalry and chaos lords on manticores.
- The Sepulchre stalkers could help deal with chaos knights, and would be sheer terror for saurus blocks.
- The Warsphinx could probably do some nice damage to those pesky blocks of chaos warriors.
- The Hierotitan seems absolutely godawesome, but lacks a model :(

Too bad they're all so cool :cries:

14-05-2011, 01:25
Hierotitan seems to me to be a rather easy conversion on a Giant.
I would suggest getting the Warsphinx box and then either waiting till you can get another Bone Giant or converting your own using the Necrosphinx face. The staff would be easy. Scale? May be tricky but you could come up with something ;)

Jetty Smurf
14-05-2011, 01:31
I would probably recommend getting the sphinx, and following the steps on this page (http://www.paintedlegions.co.uk/blog/?p=570) to end up with both a warshpinx (with all mounted options) and a necrosphinx. :D

The bearded one
14-05-2011, 01:34
Poor man's TK: 120 bases with nothing but sand and a little scorpion here and there.
"They're not awake yet."

14-05-2011, 02:44
Get either the warsphynx/necrosphynx kit- or another box of Tomb guard so you can run your tomb guard as a horde-

14-05-2011, 03:34
I agree with russellmoo, either the sphynx box or some more tomb guard.

14-05-2011, 11:53
The Sphinx seems like the obvious choice. Not really a tactics thread though is it?