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14-05-2011, 19:33

First, an explanation. This thread will have battle reports. Quite a number of them in the coming few months. It was also have army lists, tactic discussions, general banter and me being an odd fruitcake, though not all in that order. You see, about 7 months ago a friend of mine told me of this strange event where a bunch of societies consisting of students and former students met up for 3 days, drank a lot, were merry and played wargames, RPGs and CCGs. To me this sounded like 'a good thing'. So I dutifully signed up, put my money out and when the rules came through resolved to have a 2500 point Lizardman army done by the time to represent Vague Vets. (Yes, I am a dirty traitor, not representing WARPS).

Of course I'm a notoriously lazy bugger. To say the army was not 'complete' as such would be an understatement. It was mostly done. It just needs to be finished. For those of you wanting to see what I went with?

Tada! Photos! (http://s47.photobucket.com/albums/f158/FleaMarkTwo/Student%20Nationals/)

The army list was as follows - 2500 points, no special characters, standard army selection rules applying.

Lord Ata'mundi of the Jade Spire - Slann Mage Priest with Focus of Mystery (Life), Focused Rumination, the Becalming Cogitation and a Battle Standard - Standard of Discipline.

The Revered Host - 20 Temple Guard with Full Command, the Banner of Eternal Flame and the Guardian with a Dragonhelm.

Khaxla, the Sentinel - Scar Veteran with a Great Weapon, Gambler's Armour and an Ironcurse Icon

The Sentinel Host - 29 Saurus Warriors with Full Command and Spears

Quzec, the Warden - Scar Veteran with Hand Weapon and Shield, a Dragonbane Gem and the Crown of Command.

The Warden Host - 19 Saurus Warriors with Full Command and Hand Weapons and Shields

The Quartz Wardens - 20 Saurus Warriors with Full Command and Spears.

Tehe'cuaq, the Scribe - Skink Priest, Level 2 with a Cube of Darkness

The Scribe's Attendants - 10 Skink Skirmishers with Blowpipes

The Beasts of the Amber Aerie - 4 Terradons

The Flames of the Jade - 2 Salamander Packs with extra handlers

The Flames of Amber - 1 Salamander Pack with extra handlers.

The plan was simple. The Slann and his Temple Guard were the anchor of the army. Nearby I would keep the smaller Salamander pack and the Spear Saurus that didn't have a hero with them (the smaller unit). The other Saurus units were either deployed for deep ranks (yay Steadfast) or Stubborn through the character so could be put out on the flanks and reliably stick around against combined charges. The skinks were on harassment duty, as were the terradons and the bigger pack of Salamanders went where needed, often accompanying the smaller unit of Saurus on the flanks.

Well, what did I learn?

I played a total of 5 games. I shall summarise them below, going on into further detail about the 3 1500 point Carnage doubles games I had the Tuesday after.

Game 1 - High Elves- Modified Blood and Glory

My first game was quite unusual. The HE force was consisting of no less than 6, single rank, 8 man units of Swordmasters, 2 blocks of 14 Archers, 1 big block of 29 Archers and an Archmage, some Repeater Bolt Throwers and 3 Eagles.

I honestly don't know what my opponent was thinking. His very deployment was cramped, the long lines interfering with the space for the Archer blocks and I was already set up and ready to go half way through.

This game was long in the way first games are, but also brutally quick. I think my opponent learned the most lessons here. First - terradons and skinks get across the table quick. The bolt throwers were all gone by turn 3. Single unit charges of Eagles, or even Eagles with those thin lines of Swordmasters accomplished very little against blocks of Saurus who hit back with so many attacks it was funny.

Magicwise very little happened despite someone pointing out that on this table we had a total of 15 spells between 3 wizards (7 on the Slann, 6 on the Archmage and 2 on the Skink). It was quickly discovered that mass bowfire wasn't whittling T4 Saurus enough and what sealed the game was lunch and the Slann hitting the big archer block with the big Saurus block. Mush went the elves.

Result - Solid Victory

Game 2 -Wood Elves- Modified Battleline

The second game was a bit more harsh. It was a Forest Spirit army. No less than 3 treemen stomping about, plenty of Dryads and a token block of archers. The mission involved moving onto the table edge which meant we pretty much wasted our time just moving half the game.

I did not fare so well. Dryads are just better than Saurus in every way statswise and combined charges ripped units apart. Treemen just refused to be hurt. And that Root attack.....ugh. HATE it.

In short, massacred. The only bright side was that the Slann and his boys didn't fall and managed to kill the Treeman Ancient due to the perks of having a musician in combat and routing it a total of 2 inches.

Game 3 - Dwarfs - Modified Battleline with Objective

This was not a Dwarf artillery train. Sure, there was plenty of cannons and firepower but there were also nice blocks of infantry including the GW Dwarf Horde. I actually feel sorry for the Dwarf player as he had encountered both of my teammates at this point and been massacred by both.

Game proceeded as normal. The Ironcurse Icon is worth its weight in gold against stonethrowers really. We get to the gritty stages before combat, his artillery has skinks and terradons all over it...and then I get a decent magic phase.

Between 2 salamanders and the Slann's Dwellers Below that 30 strong horde dropped to just 5, including the BSB. Which then had 30 Saurus barrel into them. Smush.

Massacre to me. He conceded on Turn 4 before the last unit faced the Wrath of Salamanders.

Game 4 - Warriors of Chaos - Dawn Attack

The Chaos army was straightforward. Some marauder horsemen, a couple of big infantry blocks, marauder horde, a level 4 wizard, hellcannon and a big block of Chaos Knights.

By turn 2 charges hit home. The unit with the Level 4 Wizard found itself in combat with Spear Saurus. The Knights hit he Slann and his Temple Guard. The level 4 wizard gets spear attacks sent into him and dies. The dice rolling is abominable and he kills one saurus to lose no less than 9 Chaos Warriors to massed spears. The unit flees. The BSB reroll fails. The unit is caught. Panic causes the other Warrior unit to flee. Panic cause the Marauders to flee. Half his army is now all over the place. The Knight block bounces off Temple Guard who don't budge.

Next turn charges - the second unit of warriors is charged and caught by a salamander. One unit of Horsemen is annihilated by the Terradons and their rocks. The Marauders are charged and flee through impassable terrain. Slann regrows Temple Guard. The Knights again don't do much. The hellcannon goes nuts and charges into a Saurus block. Marauders regroup and reform.

The remaining turns go as follows. Chaos Spawn start moving away to try and survive. The Knights are hacked down slowly by the regrowing wall of temple guard. The hellcannon chews through Saurus as a Scar Veteran slowly pips its wounds off. The maruaders are melted by Salamander fire.

In the end one horseman and one spawn remained. I lost the big block of Saurus and the one unit of my army that ended up deployed away from everything else is going in a circle.

Massacre to me.

Game 5 - Orcs and Goblins (7th edition) - Battleline

I had ended up on the top table against the guy who won the tournament in the end. No fanatics. No trolls. No giants. Big blocks of orcs, wolf riders and lobbas.

This is the only game the Slann's Temple Guard died in. But in fairness it's the game which proved Battletoad can happen as a Slann calls a challenge and survives, rudely so, denying 3 big units the chance to attack and murder him and manages to do this for 3 rounds until a lone Saurus unit manages to save the day by flanking a goblin block and causing a rout. Sadly the opponent regrouped, just denying me those vital VPs.

I discovered here my Skinks are ninja. 2 wolf chariots, 1 unit of wolf riders and half a unit of savage orcs in combat. Best point return EVER. The game was messy. Both magic phases were rough. The opponent was a genuinely nice guy.

Minor victory to him. I am proud of this as his other 4 games were massacres in his favour.

After that we talked. Apparantly my magic phase was the roughest one he had come across in all his games and the sheer number of saurus is intimidating.

So what did I learn?

First - Scar Veterans are nails. Scarily good, better than some Lord choices and easily something I plan on using plenty of in the future.

Second - a 2+ save against anything is not reliable. My Throne of Vines save happened once out of 6 times I used it.

Third - A 4+ to do something is also laughable. Cube of Darkness ended NOTHING.

Fourth - Scar Veterans are really nails.

(More to follow.)

Awilla the Hun
23-05-2011, 18:15
Good to see someone else's perspective on the Nationals, even if it emanates from a degenerate follower of those most exploitative 'deities', the Old Ones. That forest spirit army was an interesting one... fortunately for me, however, its host of treemen rapidly fell. Fell, indeed, like Capitalism! The dryads were little better (they don't like the Communications Commissariat pegasus knights carring out lethal strength leaflet drops on their heads.) For me, the Treekin were the problem. But I can't remember him having any archers. Strange. Well, shame we didn't face each other; perhaps next year.

Tell me, though: why did you use a boiled potato for one of your objectives? http://s47.photobucket.com/albums/f158/FleaMarkTwo/Student%20Nationals/?action=view&current=2011_0510Random0036.jpg

06-06-2011, 15:27
Cutting straight to the chase, I'm at Uni, our GamesSoc doesn't do this but it sounds like fun.....

Tell me more of this strange event where a bunch of societies consisting of students and former students met up for 3 days, drink a lot, are merry and play wargames, RPGs and CCGs?

I've found lots of admin info on the web but no straight forward sales pitch! Going to need one if I'm going to persuade others this will be a good idea!

11-06-2011, 16:59
Great Reports. I love lizadmen - they have everything - magic, hooting, combat. Simply insane! :D

12-06-2011, 00:02
Pics or it didn't happen:p

12-06-2011, 06:56
Will be watching this one. I noticed you didnt take any camo skinks, personal preference?

18-06-2011, 00:51
Cutting straight to the chase, I'm at Uni, our GamesSoc doesn't do this but it sounds like fun.....

Tell me more of this strange event where a bunch of societies consisting of students and former students met up for 3 days, drink a lot, are merry and play wargames, RPGs and CCGs?

I've found lots of admin info on the web but no straight forward sales pitch! Going to need one if I'm going to persuade others this will be a good idea!

In brief, its a national tournament covering all aspects of gaming. Usually 40k, warhammer, gothic and warmahordes are available in wargames, plus any other games where we can get enough entrants to run them. There are squidzillions of roleplaying categories, trading card games and board games. Theres also often a novelty category (sheffield ran geek of steel) with a variety of random games and activities. There are normally evening events put on like a quiz, treasure hunt and disco.

Unlike other tournaments you enter as part of a team - up to 3 team members in each category. Placing in the top 3 of a category gets your uni points. At the end of the event the uni with the most points wins and their "prize" is to get to run it next year. That's not compulsary though, you can whimp out :)

Its generally a pretty laid back affair, not super-competetive like 'ard boyz or the GT. Its just a good opportunity to play some games against new people of a similar age and have a night out in a new city.

Hope that's sold it to you :) I was helping with the running this year but I'll be taking part in the next one hopefully.

Kai Itzah
27-06-2011, 21:24

I just elected to take a gap year! Yes, I'm aware that going to uni so you can go to a gamescon isn't a good idea, and I wouldn't do it, but that doesn't mean I can't whine about not being able to go :(

Sounds like a load of fun.

And how dare you call the Old Ones exploitative!? They are your creators! They gave you life! Would you anger the Axn'kha Itzah!? Would you bring his host thundering down upon you!?

...sorry, I get emotional about Lizardmen sometimes. My Slann is pretty aggressive. He has a tendency to assume people worship Chaos and slaughter them. Including his own kin. He thinks Sotek is an aspect of Khorne.

But getting back on topic, that sounds like an utterly awesome idea. Massively envious.