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15-05-2011, 18:03

Trying to bulk up from 2k.

Khorne DoC (2,400)

*Bloodthirster w. Obsidian Armour, Infernal Fury, Firestorm Blade = 550

*Skulltaker = 150
*Herald of Khrone w. Armour of Khrorne, Firestorm Blade, BSB, Banner of Unholy Victory = 190
*Herald of Khorne w. Armour of Khrorne, Firestorm Blade = 140

*35 Bloodletters w. Command, Icon of Endless war = 475
*29 Bloodletters w. Command = 378

*5 Flesh Hounds = 175

*3 Bloodcrushers = 210
*3 Bloodcrushers = 210

Bloodthirster is a threat/promise :D

Two main blocks advance, Flanked by the bloodcrushers.

Hounds are warmachine hunters/lone charecter/skirmish.

Skulltaker pimps in challenges, while the bsb in the 35, other herald in 29. Mostly for hatred :cheese:

Both bloodletter units are Horde for 30-ish S5, WS5 attacks w. hatred (bru-tal :evilgrin:)

Comments appriciated.


15-05-2011, 18:20
Looks decent. Couple this to consider:

-What is the goal of the bloodthirster? Is he there to hunt hellpits, trolls, regenerating stuff, is he a support flanker, war machine hunter, etc? If he's there to kill regenerating monsters, leave him as is. If he is a supporter, drop the firestorm blade and pick up a spellbreaker as you have no spell defense right now. You have 2 firestorm blades already, skulltaker has flaming attacks as well, you probably don't need it on him as well as Str6 is pretty good as is and you don't want a 2+ ward vs fire to ruin your day.

-Bloodcrushers are pretty cool models and either work great or don't do much at all. Given their flank support role you should be ok with them. Using them is personal preference. My preference would be to drop them all, add more hounds, and beef up the smaller hoard some, but you should be ok with what you have there. Expect a lot of firepower to aim at them right away. These are psychological models on the battle field, and people tend to remove them asap because they look really big and scary.

Everything else looks cool. Good luck :)

15-05-2011, 18:48
Just realised its overpoints. Edited for the new points drops. Its also now 2.5k

The bloodthirster is there for all you said really. He is universal.

The bloodcrushers are pretty much there to add an extra dimenison to my army. Its a bit plain without them @ 2k. And with 2 attacks each, at S6 killing blow and a 4+ save, i think they make up for the superior wound/points ratio afforded by hounds.

And with the firestorm blade, i always like the -4 to armour, and he usually avoids charecters and goes after unista nd warmachines. Nothing with a 2++ against flaming anyways. And he is a mobile HPA and hyrda killer.

15-05-2011, 23:12
I'd be a little hesitant about putting the Firestorm blade on the 'Thirster- you've already got it twice over in the list, and there are an awful lot of characters (some of whom you cannot Thunderstomp) that will have 2+ wards vs flaming.

16-05-2011, 05:26
You have a lot of magic resistance but a few real magic defenses I would choose a spell breaker for the Bloodthirster. It's a bit of a sacrifice of its slaughter power but it could save you from purple sun, .......
You can use the great standard of sundering to mess with the magic phase too.