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15-05-2011, 22:04
hi guys and gals, me and some mates are starting fantasy soon and ive decided on dark elves. so to begin with ive come up with this. any criticism will be appreciated

Dreadlord : armour of darkness + sword of ruin + cold one mount

Lokhir fellheart

Sorceress: lvl 2 + darkstar cloak + sacrificial dagger

Sorceress: 2 dispel scrolls

24 spearmen: full command + all shields + banner of murder
(dagger sorceress goes with these guys)

19 Corsairs: full command + sea serpent standard
(Lokhir goes with these guys)

20 Corsairs: full command
Assassin: add hand weapon + touch of death + rune of khaine

16 crossbowman: guardmaster

16 crossbowman: guardmaster

9 cold one knights: full command + standard of hag graef
( dreadlord goes with these guys)

2 Reaper bolt throwers

Comes to 2502. any help will be appreciated and if anyone could point out any newbie mistakes would help. thanks:D

15-05-2011, 22:20
The Dreadlord build isn't all that great- if you want him on a Cold One, he can get a 1+ save without needing the magic armour. The current Dreadlord build that's rocking out on tournaments everywhere is heavy armour, SDC, Soul Render (or Sword of Might and a shield, I'm inclined towards this recently), Dragonhelm, Pendant of Khaeleth, Crown of Command.

Lokhir is alright but nothing special, I use the model as my ordinary corsair champion. Not taking him will free you up enough points to take 20+ Witch Elves with full command and the flaming banner, or a Death Hag BSB on a Cauldron of Blood.

Both of the mages are illegal, as they each have 2 arcane items. I think you'd really benefit from making one of them a level 4, and taking Shadow magic on her. A level 1 fire mage with a scroll is also a good investment.

The stabby dagger sorceress shouldn't really be going in a combat block without a ward save. I prefer to have mine sit at the back with a smallish (around 13-20) unit of warriors, with just a musician, who she kills while the rest of the army goes off to fight.

A hydra would be better than the 2 Reapers.

The assassins aren't so good in combat now that they will almost always get attacked back, they'll do some damage but will give up a lot of points very easily.

The ASF banner on the knights is a bit unnecessary, but not a bad choice.

I'm basing most of this off of my own experience, the most recent of which you can see in my battle reports thread in my signature.