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16-05-2011, 15:50
Hey there. I have yet to try a game of 8th ed, but would really like to. I just aquired an Army Builder Licence and had a go at a list. Here it is:

Slann (Goes with TG)
Rumination (+1 free dice per spell)
Mystery (Loremaster, LIFE)
Ironcurse Icon (bearer and unit has 6+ ward against warmachines)

Saurus Oldblood (Goes with HW+S Saurus)
Obsidian Blade (No Armour Saves)
Armour of Destiny (HA, 4+ Ward)

Scar Veteran (Goes with Spear Saurus)
Razor Standard (Armour Piercing)

20 Saurus (Deployed 7*3 with BSB)
Full Command

20 Saurus (Deployed 7*3 with Character)
Full Command

10 Skink Skirmishers

10 Skink Skirmishers

20 Temple Guard (Deployed 6*4 with Slann)
Full Command
Lichebone Pennant (MR1)



4 Terradons

2 Salamander Hunting Packs

Total 2497 points.

Now I have some questions. Is the mild protection against warmachine fire and magic enough for the Slann unit?

Is Saurus Hordes a Good idea? And is it waste of points for spears, as they're only meant to ensure more armour piercing attacks, should I reform, and my Sharkmen with Tridents look too awsome to not use.

Also is the Oldblood a good build? I figured that good attack combined with excelent protection (1+ armour, 4+ ward) should make him awsome.

Also the Stegadons are meant to support a Saurus unit each.

What do you guys think?

Mind you, it's for friendly games, and I'll be facing mostly pure Tzeentch WOC, Ogres, Ravening Hordes Chaos Dwarfs and 7th ed codex OnG.


- Kyte

16-05-2011, 15:54
Seems like a decent list for a frendly game.

Don't forget in 8th you have to list the lore of magic you are using as well....
Edit: (oops missed that, I did look 3 times to my defense)

16-05-2011, 15:58
it already says LIFE right after loremaster in my Slann entry.

Do you have any suggestions or tips on how to play the list?

16-05-2011, 16:17
i would make the saurus blocks bigger.
And i would consider putting the bsb with your HW/shield saurus.
Since he doesnt have any defence. atleast the unit going for him will be stuck in your anvil.

16-05-2011, 16:34
problem is that I won't be able to get any more saurus models, and probably would die from exhaustion before having them all painted...

16-05-2011, 16:40
An Oldblood is a bit of a points sink that won't really add very much.

I'd make the Slann the BSB, and maybe give him the Standard of Discipline.

You could also consider taking a couple of scar-vets on cold ones, there are several good builds. For example, you will struggle vs a hydra/abomb. A scar vet on cold one with the Dawnstone, Burning Blade and the Charmed Shield will, on average, break a hydra on the charge without taking any wounds.

The Temple Guard would benefit from the flaming banner.

16-05-2011, 17:00
I won't have to worry about hydras and abombs, as none of my friends play neither Skaven nor Dark elves. I don't want a slann BSB simply due to fear of him auto-popping, should he break.

16-05-2011, 17:08
Well stubron re-rollable LD8 you stand a 98.9% chance of passing a LD roll.

16-05-2011, 18:23
The oldblood is S5. So, with a GW, he will be woudning almost anything on 2's and ignoring most peoples armoursaves, or rendering them pretty usless. Also saves you 50pts (enough for anouther discipline?)

With the flaming banner, you dont play dark elves or skaven. Do you play Ogres? Chaos of any variety? Tomb Kings? Vampire Counts? Orcs and Goblins? They all have regen. And it will save your ass more than a 6++ against magic. I promise!

I would say to you, if you buy one thing, buy some chamelion skinks. Teradons just arent as good. The shear number of BS4 poisened shoits is enough to smack down any warmachine. in 2 unist, you might get lucky with one and have plenty of options.

I also swear by javelins, but thats your choice.


16-05-2011, 20:17
^^^ all right. particularly the points on skinks. they are pretty nasty. warmachines and giants fall over to chameleons.

17-05-2011, 02:06
Chamelion skinks are the only unit in the Lizardman army, my Troll Forged fishmen will not have a similar unit for, and I really do not like them. Is +1BS really that much better, when ordinary skinks have poison as well.

As for the BSB Slann, fair enough with the table and all, but I really like my BSB model. In fact it's my supreme favourite fishman sculpt.

Regarding the oldblood, I can see paying lots for no armour saves seems like a bit of a point sink. Do any of you guys have an idea for a really nasty Oldblood build, that enables him to pick apart chaos lords and the like? Can I get him Killing blow, or some other nasty combo? Maybe the two hand weapons granting WS10 is a better idea? I'd really like killing blow though, although I can't seem to find any weapon that does that in the LM book (have no core rulebook at hand...)

17-05-2011, 07:31
Chamelion skinks are the only unit in the Lizardman army, my Troll Forged fishmen will not have a similar unit for, and I really do not like them. Is +1BS really that much better, when ordinary skinks have poison as well.


If your using range 12 weapons, your gonna be marching to get close enough/out of charge arcs. You will probably also me long range. And double tap. Move, long range, multiple shot = -3.

Anything bs3 will lose poison (and a single shot each is a bit naff)

However, chameleon skinks are STILL hitting on 6s, which means there still poisoning stuff!

Coupled with scouting (possibly into cover) and the -1 to hit against them, they are almost impossible to get your hands on.

They are fantastic warmachine hunters.

17-05-2011, 16:03
chameleon skinks bs is key as said, as against nonlarge targets, move, long range and double tap cost's poison as the sheriff said. a good old blood build could be sword of bloodshed and potion of strength. that gives him 8 str 8 attacks. but he needs to hit early, good with lore of light or if he has T8. another idea would be too take a great weapon, and some equipment to make him tougher.

oh, and a charmed shield on either build never hurts.