View Full Version : Open letter to the GCN

18-05-2011, 12:04
I want to put my feelings across of a situation between my gaming club and its relationship with the GCN. It is not an attack on any individual but I believe that it is important as part of the wider community that their leaders listen to these complaints.

In January the GCN AGM was held and decisions about the organisation were decided upon. We sent our apologies to our GCN rep that we could not attend, but we were not recorded in the meetings.

In April my club was removed from the GCN with no advice issued. This was because they had failed to contact us, although we were still in regular contact with a GCN rep and GW community coordinator. In answer to this we were told this was because we had not compiled a Annual Return and sent the new subscription fee. This broke the new GCN constitution that we were allowed a 30 day period from the first (1st) May to complete said return, and would be a min. of 60 days before removal from the GCN.

For two weeks they failed to send the correct form out to us, which took 3 emails to have one delivered, reassured that delivery would be within 24 hours.

The GCN has given out my personal address and phone number to third parties, who I still recieve merchandising info. from.

When asked how the subscription fee would be used to further the hobby we did not recieve a satisfactory answer. We were instructed to 'take a leap of faith' and help with the big plans they had to help the gaming community. There is no evidence of these big plans, not by email or in the AGM notes. In fact the notes suggest the GCN has financially grown from a 2 grand sum from GW to expenditure of nearly 4 grand PA, with an excess of 260.
The club itself has donated scenery, boards and manpower to helping foster a bigger community in our area. I do not see why we need to commit even more money for purposes we may not agree with.

In fact the club has actively supported GCN endeavors in the past. We were one of the clubs involved in the first Champion of Champions, but due to a complete administrative failiure in running the first final we removed ourselves until such time as it improved. The failings included: no financial planning, no centralised tournament rules, upward communication, locations, dates and staffing. None of these issues were addressed as being serious enough.

I have also noticed that the club that took over the event in our part of the country has had no problem with the GCN. They sent an apology for attendance (AGM) to the same rep but they are mentioned on the minutes They are in regular communication with the GCN.

I do not know the future of the GCN, but I see no need to change what is not broken. All we wanted is to be recorded as a safe club GW (and other) could send their customers to when they wanted to play outside of a store. We do not have any interest in running display games at events or running national club tournaments. I would advise that if this is what the GCN council want to spend their money on, then they should get money from the clubs they are part of. At the very least clubs paying into this pot need to know where the money is going, because the GCN come across as not having a clue.

They have demonstrated a lack of integrity, commitment, clarity and communication in dealing with our concerns. I hope this open letter will improve relations in the community.