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18-05-2011, 14:03
If you cast Desert Wind, are you allowed to do Swift reforms?

If you cast desert wind, are all units that get to move able to heal wounds back per the lore attribute or just the initial target unit point? If all units affected, what about units in the area bubble that are affected but canít move because they are in combat? Would they also get to heal? This also applies to other spells that have an area of effect.

Envenomed Sting on the Necrosphynx. If the Necrosphynx does its decapitating strike and rolls a 6, how is the killing blow worked out? I would assume that you still need to roll the killing blow to see if it does it, but given that what happens if you were to roll a 1? Poison says you wound automatically, but killing blow you need to roll a 6. The envenomed sting says that it doesnít affect the Thundercrush attack on the Warsphynx, but not this attack on the Necrosphynx.


18-05-2011, 14:50
3. You wouldn't roll to wound, therefore no KB(HKB).

18-05-2011, 14:58
1. Yes, they act as if it were the Remaining moves sub-phase.
2. All units targeted would get the heal. Units in combat aren't targeted by the spell though, so would not get healed.
3. As Yrrdead says, if you get a poison hit there's never a roll to hit at all, meaning you don't get the chance for a Killing blow.

18-05-2011, 16:12
1. If you have a musician and can pass a Ld test, sure.
2. There is no "initial target unit" - the spell simultaneously targets all unengaged units within range.
3. Poisoned hits skip the to-wound roll. Basically, don't bother with the sting on the necrosphinx - cast djaf's cursed blades on it instead.

18-05-2011, 17:54
Thanks all, I don't play TK but a friend had asked me these questions and I thought I'd post them here.

Thanks again!