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19-05-2011, 06:59
So far for Fantasy I have Ogre Kingdoms and Beastmen.
Ogre Kingdoms are fun and still new to me so I'm still playing them and over half finished painting...an issue that's plagued me with all my armies ;).
Beastmen are awesome and will always be my favorites but I need a break from them, also finish painting...
Over the years I have played Skaven, Brets, Lizards, WoC and Dwarfs. I even had a Chaos Dwarf at one time lol.
I have no real interest in Orcs&Goblins and there are already way too many people playing them.
The 3 armies that I am leaning towards are High Elves, Empire and Tomb Kings.
Why these armies?
I've always kind of liked the High Elves. Fluff wise anyways. The proud dying race desperately clinging to their last days of glory. Also there's the fact that my wife plays Dark Elves and another friend has a disgusting amount as well (including a Malekith on foot...). I can also easily get my hands on about 3-4k for pretty cheap. Only issue is that there are rumblings that several other people jave picked up High Elves but no-one is really sure yet.
Empire is next. Always wanted to do Empire. Such a huge selection of units available and so many them choices. I actually have a bunch of old sprues kicking around from when Mordheim was still supported so lots of bits.
Tomb Kings are the third choice. They're old, they're dead but not dead and they're pissed off at life in general but not really evil. Sounds like my father-in-law...:D
There are some awesome models in the new range, especially the constructs that just have me drooling. Visually they are probably the top choice but I am not sure if I can fit them into my playstyle which tends to be straight up in the face. Strategery is for sissies ;).

So there's the choices. Who do ya think I should pick. If there's wnough votes I may actually listen.

Captain Semper
19-05-2011, 07:15
Tomb Kings. For all the reasons you mention. Fit them into your playstyle or fit your playstyle into them :). Very nice range. Constructs. Background. modelling opportunities! Not many of them around (yet...). Just do it.

High Elves a good second as core units (sprears and bows) are completely ugly and tone down the rest of the (admittedly excellent) range...

tell me what you like about Empire - they were always a bit boring to me... Through all their re-icarnations. decent range but I just cannot get excited!

19-05-2011, 07:24
Tomb Kings all the way!

19-05-2011, 07:39
Empire: Finally an army you wouldn't have to rush forward with. I play Beastmen and Tomb Kings, and TK are a nice break from the Beastmen playstyle (which imo isnt much different than OK)

19-05-2011, 07:40
It's clear you want to collect the Knights, so I voted them.

I'm not a huge fan, but if you're the type of person to say things like 'RAAGH! Stormbolter to da face!" in the middle of a game when you think of the army, it's clear that's what you should get.

19-05-2011, 08:03
I'd say High Elves, yes the Archers and Spearmen show their age, but with the Isle of Blood boxed set you get some really nice Seaguard, new Swordmasters and the start to a very nice army.

Even if some people have also picked HE in your gaming group, you could always play "civil war" games between two HE armies ...

And if you can get 3~4K of them on the cheap, go for it !

19-05-2011, 13:06
I'm going to vote grey knights, though really pick whatever 40k army you like. Ogres are supposed to be getting an update later this year so I would just wait for their release.

Chaos Undecided
19-05-2011, 13:14
If you've always wanted to do them then I think you should go ahead with Empire, quite different style of army to your existing forces to.

19-05-2011, 13:18
I voted grey knights...or any other 40k army; having the Xth Fantasy army only adds so much value. Playing an entirely other game offers MUCH more diversity. Im real happy I play both which allows me to switch games when im bored.

Id probably start Warmachine if i were you, just to support a company that does well and cares about customers but hey...second best --> 40k. :P

19-05-2011, 14:35
I picked high elves. They are a completely different type of army than the ones you have. Also you don't need anywhere near as many models as you would for an Empire army (since you said you don't want too paint to much).

19-05-2011, 17:25
High elves, good warriors and cheaper to buy as not so many models are required compared to the other armies.

19-05-2011, 19:47
I would say go with the models you like best, does that mean the Tomb Kings :D

Anyway, can you cope with the marital strife if you beat your wifes Dark Elves with your shiny ones!?
Empire, I suspect are the power list of the three Warhammer ones and obviously have a magnificantly variable playstyle.....

It all depends on what you want but I personally would always just go with the models you like best.

However, I'm going to vote Grey Knights because I like the idea of a bit of DreadKnight on Giant action ;)

19-05-2011, 19:55
I'm going to vote high elves. Solid army with a much lower start up cost. All the models are easy to find as well (as opposed to TK who have several models unaccounted for our out of print in the new book).

19-05-2011, 20:04
Seeing as you have Beastmen and Ogres I voted Empire.

The last thing you need is another "dirty" army so TKs are out...besides: did you see the price tag on the Tomb Guard; a bloody joke if you ask me.

I seem to be neck deep in HE and Skaven so the HE are out, too as everybody and their mother are playing them; and you also probably don't wanna paint white/blue forever. Oh yeah, they're a bunch of girls, too:p

Empire gives you a lot of different fluff, painting and conversion opportunities, enough to keep you interested 'til the end of times. As a further note, Warhammer Forge has some really nice Empire kits if you are into that sort of thing.
*of course there's the fact that I play IG and believe in superior firepower above everything else but this has nothing to do with my recommendation ... but just let me point out: Mortar + DE = shish kebab; and GreatCannons...and Helblaster Volley Guns...and exploding doves (!!!) for real :D:D:D oh yeah, totally forgot the ******* TANK *

Seriously obvious choice: GO EMPIRE!!!

19-05-2011, 20:22
Grey Knights RAAARGH MOAR DAKKA! Stormbolter to da face!!

my opinion is finished. but try elves, there cheap thanks to iob.

19-05-2011, 20:40
TK .., I sick of playing against the other 3.

19-05-2011, 22:00
I voted high elves.

The fact that you can get them on the cheap AND they were your first choice makes it an obvious one to me.

19-05-2011, 22:05
Tomb Kings

19-05-2011, 22:16
TK as it sounds like the army you are most enthused about. (And rightly so they are awsome with the new models and book.)

19-05-2011, 23:00
Well I am sticking with Empire! Just been reading the Sigmar trillogy and it's made me gush for all things Empire! :D

1) ALL plastic range for Core, Special, Rare
2) Wicked good model range - not many bad kits at all in the range, a few show their age (like milita and Knights) but are still good enough - compared to poor High Elf core models and Tomb King core is also dated
3) SO MUCH verstality - you can make almost any kind of army out of them - and it works!
4) Dozens and dozens of paint schemes, models are great to build, kit bashing is so good! Just made the hunstmen kit and it was WOW!
6) Great playstyle!!

You can really go to town and make the force from Hochland to tie in the theme with the Beastmen - and Ogres will turn up and either fight for your Empire or eat you - either way great tie in with your existing models

7) Great books! So many novels, uniforms and heradly of the Empire - you'll be spoilt for choice!

8) Amazing battalian box - nothing gets wasted - sure people don't use Knights as much but they still pack a great punch for what they do - for a mere 120 odd pts (maybe a bit more, but not by much) you get 5 Knights with a musician - add in a warrior priest on a horse and you have a hard hitting unit that racks up combat res - use them in conjunction with the infantry and your laughing all the way to victory!

20-05-2011, 07:20
Thanks for the replies so far. Looks like TK are jumping out quite a bit.
Whole problem is that I want all of them but am pretty sure that a divorce would soon be happening if I did :(
So, in comprimise, 1 it is!
@Steel Titan
Oh trust me..I love 40k as well. haven't really played since 4th ed though so my armies are a whee bit out of date. I have an Eldar Aspect army, Dark Eldar, IG Foot army that barely tops 1k and a bucketload of Marines that I have vowed to not put down on the table until they're painted...
Going to be a long time....

20-05-2011, 16:24
dip the marines in a bucket of blue paint and call them ultramarines. probably do a better paintjob than some people i've seen.

go with the elves. for like 25 you can get an iob half of ebay or a bitz site.