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Marshal Augustine
20-05-2011, 14:32
So, my LGS has bumped up the league night from 2200 - 2500pts, anyhow... I have kept the core of the list intact to stay true to the nature of the 20 games series that I am writing, I have fleshed out some units (carrion, chariots, tomb guard) Also added a second SSC and another 20 archer unit, this way there is a bunker for each priest as well as the ability to target a secondary enemy unit at range and with a boosted smite becomes 80 archers... not bad. I removed the BoUL as I have been finding it to be gimmiky and not really worth it, id rather have a larger unit of TG and then just boost them with augments (and bring them back to strength), so here it is. Comment if you feel inclined, questions as to the use of the army can be left here or you can see the army in action as well by visiting the original thread to the 20 Games series: Here (http://tomb-kings.net/index.php?showtopic=7838)

Tomb King Sword of Might (273)
General Seed of Rebirth

Golden Death Mask

High Liche Priest Level 4 (290)
Hierophant Cloak of the Dunes
Talisman of 5+ ward

Liche Priest Level 1 (100)
Nehekhara Dispel Scroll
Ironcurse Icon

Tomb Prince Hand Weapon (132)
Glittering Scales Armour
Dragon Bane Gem

40 Skeleton Warriors Full Command (190)

20 Bowmen Musician (130)

20 Bowmen Musician (130)

4 Chariots Mus & Standard (250)
Banner of Eternal Flame

5 Light Cav
29 Tomb Guard Full Command (349)

4 Carrion

Screaming Skull Catapult

Screaming Skull Catapult

Colossus Extra Hand Weapon (175)

Casket of Souls

Lords: 563
Heroes: 232
Core: 770
Rare: 490